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  1. That's the point. The challengers are supposed to not have too much trouble beating the gym leaders. That's why they have to beat so many of them. Does he have to in the single-player game? Not sure what you're asking here. If a gym leader wants to become an Elite Four member, they have to face the Elite Four with a team that would be valid for gym use. A regular challenger doesn't become a gym leader that way; he just makes a team and a badge. Big deal. Sure, with an attitude like that they'll never take off.
  2. Something on the order of 1500. I'd have more but I've got a lot of really long and/or high-bitrate songs so it filled it up.
  3. Don't be silly. What would OCR know about mods who are even good, much less amazing? ATTENTlON MODERATORS: THlS HAS BEEN AN ATTEMPT AT FRIENDLY RIBBING. NOT INSUBORDlNATION. THANK YOU. So, yeah, there's the Christmas Mod for Defcon, though we seem to be a bit late for that....
  4. Please. You ever been there (or, for that matter, to the original Unmod)? Anyone can be banned from .org. At least here, there are rules that you can use to sort of predict when it's going to happen. Anyway though. I think it'll take a lot of goodwill on the part of the remaining Unmodders to turn Offtop into a good place. FORTUNATELY with this thread around, it seems that mostly the Unmodders who, y'know, have any goodwill are going to be the ones who're sticking around. This is good prospects.
  5. I think it'd be best if you hold off thinking about publishing until you've actually written anything. 99% of writers mostly take what they can get. If you're serious about it, hire a literary agent. If you're not that serious, then there's no reason why you couldn't put it online, as long as you make sure that the copyright and all that is in a position that'll be favorable to you if you try to publish it anywhere else.
  6. I think you also have to consider the general sort of humor style that prevailed in Unmod at the time. Half those people, I bet, didn't have anything against the mods, but were just going along with it 'cause they thought it was funny. I mean, obviously, that's kind of a dickish thing to do, but you do have to consider that they probably wouldn't have done it if they didn't get a reaction out of it. Essentially, what we've seen is the Unmodders who had sincere complaints about their friends being banned were joined by Unmodders trolling the moderators en masse. I, um, guess it worked?
  7. I'm in contact with Wacky. Looks like we're potentially going for a continuity reboot to accommodate recent events. Not sure why we haven't gone ahead with it yet; it's probable he's waiting for Offtop to hit.
  8. No, seriously. Homestar Kirby should not have arms. THIS IS A SERIOUS CONTINUITY LAPSE. also
  9. Just because I don't listen to music with lyrics doesn't mean I don't appreciate that Jonathan Coulton exists.
  10. Not according to my calendar.
  11. Hey, welcome back! Just ignore Jimmy, he's trying to get banned again.
  12. Because people didn't have a better word for the psychologically complex senses of accomplishment, immersion, puzzle-solvery, and other different forms of entertainment upon which games now rely almost exclusively.
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