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  1. Great sadness. I came back here thinking that May 30th was the release date and I was way overdue on getting this, but I was mistaken. I look forward to hearing your guys' stuff though when it gets done! Keep it up!
  2. Your sig is too big. The combined height of graphics in your sig cannot exceed 250px. Please resize your sig in accordance with the 250px limit.

  3. Can I have a sig using this pic of Albel? Only use him from the waist up or so please. Also can he have like some kind of really cool background? Something not too bright colored... Also it should say in dramatic letters: It's not the great who are strong, it's the strong who are great. Thanks alot guys!
  4. Seila from Chaos Legion. There's an interesting secret to beating her, it's almost obvious, yet hidden.
  5. I'm just using the soundfonts that are in the Compiled Links Guide - Great for Beginners Sounfonts section. That's ALL I used to make a song, and it says they are demos. I don't know wtf is going on. It's fucking driving me insane.
  6. Got a question, see every time I save my progress in Fruity Loops, I Lose everything I did because it tells me it is going to erase all channels that are using demos and I'm prety sure none of them are. IT then proceeds to erase everything I did except for the pattern layouts. It does erase every channel I created, but the ones that come when you select new (ie: kick, hihat, etc.) are not deleted. WTF? I want my progress back! Or at least make it so it won't do it anymore. That's the second time it's done that to me.
  7. Ok, Mr. Gecko Yamori how about that "Slime Sucking Son of a Whore Bitch " sample?
  8. Wow! That's useful! Too bad all my work died when I saved it... I saved it and opened it again and all the channels and stuff were gone. Crap...
  9. Aha! So what your saying is make where it stops and starts up again a different channel than when it plays continuosly for a minute or so and then take that channel and tell it to repeat, but what about delaying that channels start and then telling it to repeat the same few notes?
  10. Ok I need to get one of the channels I have in Fruity Loops on the song I'm working on to keep going for a while and I was wondering if there was any other way to make it keep going other than just to keep punching the notes over and over again... Like repeating the same 2 note chords again and again every other beat and such? Help please!
  11. Ok now how about a Sephiroth soundfont? You know what I'm talkin about..... Threnthian style? You know with all of the different Sephy choirs? I'm sure that doesn't come with Fruity Loops....
  12. Ok I need like a record scratching sample. You know, the one from all the old hip hop songs and such?
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