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  1. Today I learned that this is this is what happened to Ormgas
  2. The Yoshi's Island track is pretty damn great. I need more musical facepunches.
  3. Saw this thread and immediately thought of Fusion. I played it at 15 and was completely unsettled whenever SA-X came around. It's one of the most tense gaming experiences I can remember.
  4. Volt

    Nintendo Wii U

    More like foreplay?
  5. Volt

    Nintendo Wii U

    It was a silly thing to say. Saying that Pixar movies are too G-rated would likely get you the same reaction. That's probably what you should have said in the first place, since it reflects your preferences more than what could have only been assumed to be a supposed failure on Nintendo's part.
  6. Yes, I would definitely play with something like Nethack + graphical tilesets. It sounds like a pretty awesome idea.
  7. Out-of-Print Archive might be interested. They scan gaming magazines before 2000.
  8. Nothing/Nothing. Good year.
  9. Oh yeah, I'm definitely digging this. Perfect for late night listening.
  10. Pretty entertaining, but for some reason the ending totally made it for me.
  11. LOL Obviously it was a mistake trying to help you. Sorry.
  12. What are you trying to say? Even if my computer has a single-core CPU, the experience should be the same using the SMP client. My point is that you can fold your proteins while using your machine normally and you won't notice the difference even though it's always running. I'm trying to help you out here.
  13. It only uses up spare CPU cycles. I don't even notice it running. Besides my CPU meter being pegged. I'm GigaVolt on Folding@Home, BTW, but you don't even have to add me to the "official" list since my computer is so slow that my contributions are almost irrelevant.
  14. Relax. If you didn't make this thread, someone else would have. Like me. When I watched the interview a few days ago and the Capcom rep mentioned remixed music, my first thought was, "Blood on the Asphalt?" Glad to see some tracks potentially included.