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  1. Usually, I don't like rap. But this one is funny as hell Very entertaining, it's a keeper for me.
  2. Truely astonishing. I don't find any other expression to describe the magnificence of this remix.
  3. Irenicus, in Baldur's Gate II, was the most difficult boss I had to fight (time stop, invulnerability, speed, time stop, wail of the banshee, death finger, time stop, wail of the banshee, another kill-you-all spell, time stop...) I had to do the "I summon lots of monsters" and the "I am launching area of effect spells while actually not seeing you" tricks to be able to beat him. Another one would be Omega in FFV (an optional boss), you had to use X-Fight and hope you will be able to kill it REAL FAST. As for Shinryuu (the other optional boss), he was very easy if you used some water-protecting rings (tidal waves that heal you ? hmmm yummy)
  4. My favorite CT ReMix, I downloaded it monthes ago and it still is on the top of my playlist. It sounds creepy. Evil. Machiavellian. Magusistic.
  5. I am speechless. Well, I was, because I think I found a word to describe this ReMix : Supercallifragilisticexpialidocious
  6. Well, because you can loop and do things trackers do, I thought Psycle was a tracker... But I agree it's also a sequencer, a synthesizer.... I really don't know, I only think Psycle is worth a look, if you're interested in free software
  7. Hi, You can also use "Psycle" (http://psycle.pastnotecut.org/portal.php). It is a FREE tracker program that supports up to 32 tracks, loops etc. You can mix samples, MIDI sounds, and supports keyboards. It requires some training to get used to this program (mixing "machines", configuring these to create sounds and so on), but as a free program I think it could be worth mentioning in this guide. I believe it is easy to use if you know the old FastTracker program. Cheers...
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