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  1. This song actually inspired a friend and I to make an arrangement of Super Mario 1 and 2 tunes for a group combo of our high school jazz band. We played it when we went on tour, and every crowd went crazy. Who dosen't know the Super Mario Brothers theme? Anyway, this song is mad stupid crazy, to say the least. It should be played on every major radio station world wide... but perhaps that's taking it a bit too far, I'm not sure.
  2. Very nice groove. I like the strings, they have a nice texture, the drums are fine, everything is pretty good but it still lacks something.
  3. The intro to this song is perfect, I really want to know who was speaking all of that spanish, whoever it was they sounded like a native speaker. The salsa song that follows is great, a must get for people only downloading and keeping select tracks from this site.
  4. From trance to classsical to sound fx, this remix has got it all. The ultimate in tetris remix, hands down. For years the Tetris themes have been stuck in my head just waiting for this song to finally put them to rest knowing that they have been fulfilled.
  5. There's a million Zeal Theme songs on OCR, but I've got to say that I like them all. The guitar was really clean, something that I don't think is heard that often here, more of a dirty style is more often played in songs remixed. Something different, definately a nice mix.
  6. This mix is definately one to save and listen to during your vacation this summer to the Bahamas. The bass was rockin, the bells were rockin, everything is great. A great tune, although not a top tune, still a great one.
  7. I can remember the first time that I listened to this at my friends house (he had downloaded it earlier that week and I hadn't had a chance since I was still using silly dial-up) when he played it for me I went crazy, at that point it was our favorite on OCR. The voice samples really made the song for me though, although that's probably the same for everyone.
  8. As I was listening to this it just seemed to get better and better as the song went on. The bass pickup at 1:58 really made this song stick out to me when I was going through all the songs on my playlist and it's gradually made it's way onto one of my cds. Another thing - I really like the ending, the way that the piano echos out was really cool.
  9. A times the sax brings back memories of Kenny G (very bad memories...) and at other times memories of the SNL sax player (very good memories, I've actually met the guy a few times). The electronic sounds don't make me want to say that this sounds like something that would play at a cocktail lounge, but still a great mix.
  10. Alright, here's your "good jazz lover". The sax could definately sound more realistic, but the sax is used appropriately throughout the whole song. The piano solo is very well done, and the sax notes near the end of it are a deacent lead into another sax solo. I would have loved to hear a long sax cadenza followed by a band hold and drum fill to end the piece rather than the piano chord used. The drum solo at 1:37 could have been longer as well, but overall a great remix of the classic Secret of Mana theme.
  11. This game is a classic for me, and to hear a remix of this song brings back so many memories. I loved how the song sounded like a live jam session. The different insturments switching soloing definately made it for me.
  12. That "bouncy little bass line" does make the whole song. I could listen to that bass line all day long... Perfect length for the song as well.
  13. What a fast paced mix. The drum fills are great, they really make me want to jump out of seat. An amazing song to begin with, this mix is just incredable, it can't really be described in words. And I wouldn't be too surprised if I heard something about people speeding on the freeway while listening to this...
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