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  1. I absolutely love this mix! It's a very catchy tune and constantly keeps you entertained. Thanks!
  2. I love tha song !!! ....but my neighbors hate it lol Tha bass on this hits so hard i can be a few rooms over and still feel it in my chest Good work on making such a kick ass remix
  3. Great piece ! What could've been better was to extend the ending part at 2:57 just a bit more Otherwise hell with it AWESOME piece!
  4. I could hear this being played on a radio station..it's that good! Good job big homie
  5. I'm luv'n this one right here good work and them drums is smackin!
  6. Beautifully done...and glad to say this song is gonna make a great addition to my OCR Spring Mixtape
  7. Not feeling the guitar..but i like the rest a whole lot. I never played the game, hell i never heard of it but it's good work...just need to change the guitar sample
  8. Very VERY good..and if u dun think of criticizing it and just listen to it...you'll feel just like me
  9. I like it. Kinda takes me to a odd place in my mind haha good work
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