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  1. haven't been back here in almost 6 years, but this mix just jump-started my love for remixes again! holy shit, this is so freaking good! Shnabubula, you are amazingly gifted!
  2. the fact that he has had such a profound effect on a global audience by the age of 23, is testament that his early death was a loss for the all the people who would've been touched by him, had he lived longer. in that sense, i meant it's a waste. stop twisting words around. this is not the place for it.
  3. i fucking cried when i heard of this. jesus. what a goddamn waste of musical eloquence. i'll miss you reuben, even though i never knew you other than through your music.
  4. once again, thank you judges for accepting another of my remixes. i'm glad this finally made it through. it seems that intonation issues is the recurring topic in the reviews of my 2 mixes. being brought up twice, maybe i should take a deeper look into whether i could personally improve my vocal and guitar-playing abilities. the drums weren't originally planned for the mix, but i felt that it needed something to lift the energy of the music at the 'chorus'. without it, it sounded to me like there wasn't any change in power. no crest and trough. and personally, i'm all about trying to create music that carry varying levels of energy within it. as for imitating radiohead, well... i love that band to death, but this is honestly the way i sound from the heart. maybe i've internalized thom yorke's voice way past the creepy-obsessive-stalker level. who knows... i appreciate the constructive crits and feedback. thanks again.
  5. christ, i never would thought that this song would get this much of a reaction from people. i'm really really glad you guys like it. i'm currently working on a few other songs (whenever i get some time to myself, which isn't often). i have more music at my website, if anybody's interested. mostly original vocal songs. also as a reminder, i've put up a partial tab of 'far away memories' at my website, for all those people who asked me for it. you'll be hearing from me again. . .
  6. oh freaking lord, this is awesome! this is so ken, i can't even take it. the ending was a little abrupt, but you've got the ken atmosphere down pat. incredible work man. i wish that were true man. but there's an equal potential to get screwed over anywhere you go. this is one of the hardest industries to get into. but perseverence pays off. that and talent out the ass.. .
  7. sorry for being so late about this, but i've finally put up a partial tab sheet for this song. i didn't tab everything (only the first half of the song), but if you can play what i've tabbed, i'm sure you can figure out the rest on your own. you can find it at my website linked below, or you can just go here: http://www.s93850634.onlinehome.us/ct_tab.htm final_oblivion - i'm sorry to hear about your uncle's passing away, but i'm glad that you can find some comfort in my song. thanks for all the enthusiasm and compliments, you guys. it's really overwhelming to know that your work is liked by many. thanks again.
  8. aprentis, i'll try and put together a tab sheet, but it might take a while; i haven't had any musical training whatsoever. i can't even name chords, for pete's sake i just play by ear. plus i have a 10 hour night shift job that takes up all my time. i'll post when i'm done with it. thanks again to everyone for your compliments and critiques. that includes the judges; they know what they're talking about.
  9. thanks a lot guys. i'm glad you like it. yeah, there're a few bad notes here and there, but i honestly got sick of fine-tuning this song. i'm trying to get together with a friend of mine and record a rock version of one of the tracks in the old game 'shanghai' for the master system. we'll see how that turns out. . .
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