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  1. Just stopping by to say: I enjoyed this! The Pendulum-like percussion was also a reminder at how action-PACKED this song truly is.
  2. Announcement! I'm selling my album at MAGFest 8! Here are the statistics: +Ten copies. +Jewel-cased (like REAL albums). +Flimsy cover-art inside. +Autograph on the inside (virt gets dips on a message instead). +CD-R with all thirteen tracks, encoded at 224 kbps. +All for +1! That's right. $1! If you want to snatch one before they're all gone, try looking for me on Friday! (NOT 6 PM like I say in the video below, as a band may be playing then) See you all at MAGFest! Oh, and by the way: my album has been downloaded around 300 times. Thanks everyone!
  3. Thanks! Wow!! That's quite the compliment there! I was aiming to make this album sound like video game music (read: that's also my favorite, most inspirational, and easiest "genre" to write in) and your compliment--along with many others--have proven that I succeeded in that aspect! Thank you!
  4. Thank you all so much for noticing the video game-like-ness of the album! It means a lot to me that you all not only like this album but are also wanting another from me! Also, personamask, it appears that you joined OCR on my 21st birthday this year! Have you ever played any games from the Shin Megami Tensei/Persona franchise, by any chance?
  5. http://skrowmedia.com/skrow/audio-releases/skrow022/ (<-Left click me!) I'm so excited to release my first album to everyone! I hope you all enjoy this video game-inspired album, all at the low cost of FREE!
  6. Nario

    VGMix Revival

    Agreed. I think people are hungry for VGMix. Oh, and it looks like we live only an hour from each other. I live in Elizabethtown. Never once have I supported the idea that VGMix be the only VG-remixing site on the web, and nor have I supported the idea that OCR be the only VG-remixing site on the web either. Back in high school, I frequently browsed VGMix's forums and posted songs there while I simultaneously gathered music from OCR. Both sites offered a different variety of music, and I liked having my options. However, with VGMix gone, something is missing, and no other site has been able to replace what VGMix 2.0 once was. It was truly a haven of work in progress music, and everyone felt free to share their constructive criticism. Not just that, but it was also home to music of every kind as well: if something couldn't get accepted here at OCR, they went straight to VGMix and felt free to share it with everyone. I'm one of the few who have stuck with VGMix after all of these years. I have matured over the past three years and have grown substantially in my music capabilities, even to the point my first album is coming out later this month. I couldn't get to where I am now without VGMix, but sadly, VGMix X isn't cutting it right now. VGMix 2.5 had a lot of traffic and I even improved drastically there, but VGMix X has done nothing to encourage music-making, especially since users aren't even allowed to sign up for the site anymore, how the database won't accept anymore songs, and how dead the forums are. I only make a true video game arrangement maybe once a year now due to not being motivated by VGMix X, and it's been like this for over a year. Sure, the forums and main site were encouraging at first, but the lack of support just made it fall down like Midgar Sector 7 and it hasn't been the same since. I've grown and am ready to remix video game music again, but not without a reason. VGMix was that reason, and quite frankly, I think it might be the only reason for me. Not OCR, not ThaSauce, not even DoD can bring a consistent reason for me to remix video game music (despite working with Omni and Powellman on a Pokemon remix last DoD for GameBoy month). VGMix, its reviewing system, and community were the reason I made lots of remixes in the past, and I have a feeling I would do the same were VGMix back up now, except my music would sound so much better than before--I guess we all have to start somewhere. Now, if VGMix 2.0 were brought back, I would definitely not consider it a slap in virt's face. He can most certainly take the site and mold it however he wishes, as it's his baby. However, nothing's been done with VGMix X in over a year, and that's why I'm totally in support of this VGMix Revival. It would be a breathe of fresh air, and hopefully an inspiration to virt's coders to finish VGMix 3.0 once and for all.
  7. Tell that to the people here who hate me. It seems like every time I post a thread, someone's just gotta barge on in and tell me how much of a loser I am. This has happened for years. I just don't care about this forum if there's always someone here who doesn't want me, but eh, there are definitely a few good people here that I don't see often on The Shizz.

  8. Hey! You're lucky that I looked up to the top-right of the page to see a notification... otherwise I would've missed this message for three months, considering how I only post here two or three times a year.

  9. Nario

    VGMix Revival

    Hehe, no I do not... but I'm still in support of this Revival nonetheless!
  10. Nario

    VGMix Revival

    I'm in favor of this Revival.
  11. With the way my summer is treating me and how little time I have to do hardly anything, I might not even be able to participate this time.
  12. SoundCloud - Hallocinogenic Ethics Download (Left-Click) I know it's been a long time since I last released a song. But nonetheless, here's my latest release. It was submitted to CMC28, a competition at OCR and other forums. Here's the story that follows the song: "Dr. Korvasic was pondering his own existence while surrounded by his many self-made vaccines and concoctions in his dark lab. Having decided he had no reason to live, he took one of his potions labeled 'Quick Suicide' and consumed it. Oh, but it did anything but quickly kill him: all the sudden, he stood up, turned on the lights, and started to work on potions that would improve the bloodflow and health of his body. All day and all night he combined chemicals together in order to improve his own self. However, slowly but surely, he was combining dangerous chemicals in ratios that contained more harmful effects than helpful effects. When he had finished his concoctions, he drank them all at once, thinking that he would become the healthiest human ever. It was then that his body instantly shut down from the dangerous combinations of all of his concoctions, failing to animate amidst his numerous vaccines." I hope you like the song! Oh, and I can't figure out how to allow you all to download the song from SoundCloud.
  13. Thanks for the comments, Maquis! It was great to receive feedback from you, especially since your song was so awesome!
  14. Submitted! This month is going to be so awesome, I can feel it.
  15. I'll be working on Episode 3 next week. Be expecting music from no other than moi. I'm hoping to have the episode available by next Wednesday.
  16. I made this song back in January 2009 and decided now would be a good time to share it. It's a little different from the rest of my chiptunes and it actually musically sounds like Pendulum and Pop'n Twinbee had a baby; neither influenced/inspired/instigated the song, by the way. .it: http://dj17nario.googlepages.com/HeavyPunk.it - Open-source, original file. Best played/edited in ModPlug Tracker. .mp3: http://dj17nario.googlepages.com/HeavyPunk.mp3 Enjoy! And please let me know what you think of it! The style of this song is a little different for me and I'd like to know what you all have to say!
  17. Heh, yeah, it's kinda odd because a noise wasn't really made, and if it was then it wasn't that loud. Also, to those wondering where Episode 3 is: I'm creating all of the music from scratch for it, so it'll obviously take much longer to pump it out. The release date is currently set to: When it's finished.
  18. This is highly related to Episode 2. It tells a tale of my problem with copyright infringement, Warner Music Group, and why the Credits theme in Episode 2 varies between the YouTube version and the Facebook version, despite me ultimately liking the YouTube version's Credits theme more.
  19. Episode 2 of The Adventures of Nario is now available! The Facebook version has been up for about three hours now but I ran into Copyright Infringement issues on YouTube, had the video taken down twice, and have now uploaded it again with a new Credits theme (which, imo, actually works better than DEAD! by MCR now). I'll be posting yet another vlog regarding said matter, but as for now, enjoy the video that I worked oh-so hard on!
  20. And that's fine by me! I just hope you understand that some of it is a joke.
  21. Thanks OverCoat! Those pictures are actually THE genuine drawings that I made; the graphite's still eraseable too. When I found that glitch in BioShock, where a dude just randomly spawned, I couldn't help but do something with it. And I have (and love) a bunch of plush toys at my house, so I wanted to incorporate Simba into it. Jason: I was disappointed too. I wanted to hit my sister with it, but she refused to show her face to the Internet, so I stuck with being peaceful... for now.
  22. Basically, a glitch that I found in BioShock inspired my first short movie. It's 100% SPOILER-FREE, by the way. The acting in it is purposely bad at times and I hope that everyone can enjoy it like it's RE1 for the PS1 or something of that nature. I love RE1, by the way. Yup. Please let me know what you all think!
  23. This track is truly beautiful. I love the transitioning of the sections and the filters/effects placed on the sfx were very surreal. Excellent job, as always! Also, I never saw you at MAGFest, bLiNd. Where were you?
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