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  1. Woo! I live less than an hour away from the meetup and I just now saw this. Doesn't it suck to be me?
  2. Just thought I'd add that I mentioned bLiNd when the time came for prayer requests at Sunday School. I also wanted to add him to the super duper main prayer list at my church too, but I didn't know how and just tensed up. Hehe! Still, I've been praying for bLiNd off and on since last night and I can only hope for a speedy recovery. Stay strong, bLiNd and Jade!!!
  3. Definitely count me in on this. bLiNd's music has always been at the top of standards I expect from remixes and his JENOVA track is such an inspiration to me. It would be a shame for me to let this opportunity slip by while I can make a song in tribute to him. In fact, I already have! It's finished and now I just need to send it. But first: Darkesword: What format do you want the song in? .mp3? .mp4? .aac? .ogg? I just wanna make sure to export it in the right format. Thanks. bLiNd: I have faith that you'll make it through this and that you'll recover back to top-notch condition. Get well soon!
  4. This is terrifying news. His JENOVA FF7 Project ReMix is one of my favorite remixes ever. Here's to hoping that he'll be feeling better soon...
  5. I'm so glad to see this mix finally accepted.
  6. Well, I thought I'd just say that my life hasn't been so busy in a long time and therefore I don't have time to make a remix of this beautiful beautiful song. Sorry guys.
  7. I love David Wise's music, so I might join this. What's ironic is that I actually got DKC2 for VC just for the soundtrack and yet it's my only VC game. We'll see if I make something or not.
  8. Thanks for the comments! It's excellent to know that you enjoyed the song. Oh, and I made an extended mix for a dance club of some sort so if you want to check that one out then it's in the description of the video as well.
  9. This song tied for first place at OVGM #3. As always, the story to the song is in the description of the video and the download link is also in the description so you don't have to listen to the crappy quality that YouTube pours out. I think I did fairly well with this song. Enjoy!!!
  10. This song was inspired by me skipping down the stairs, no joke. I was skipping down the stairs in a certain rhythm and then I decided to make a song out of the rhythm. One thing lead to another and it came down to where I stuck the "rhythm" at 0:56 when the main synth plays. The song is in E minor and the bass plays off-beat for the most part. I also wrote this so I can ignore my ED201 homework that I worry oh-so much about. O_O;; I know, this song is short, but I hope you still enjoy it. Let me know what you think!
  11. I couldn't agree with you more. Tom Miller's music is fantastic.
  12. Lost In Depth I just felt like tinkering with a C Minor scale. I love the synth that comes in on the left speaker. It's short. Enjoy.
  13. http://versuscompo.com/forums/index.php?topic=149.0 This upcoming OVGM month is a free month, meaning you can make any kind of song you want. WITH ONE CONDITION. You can make any song next month, however, you must come up with your own scenario and type it out. So, now this will challenge your song-writing skills and your story-telling skills. It shouldn't be too hard and the story won't be graded at all, so I'd like to take the honor to write an example story of what little is acceptable as a story: "You are slowly drowning underwater and no one can help you." And that's as little as it can be! Simple! You can make it follow a linear cut-scene or allow free-roaming and loop the music, it's up to you. There's no need to make a novel for the story and it's completely left up to you, so get going on those songs! I'm looking forward to hearing something from absolutely everyone. There's no excuse not to join this time with such little limitations, but it's still understandable when fate takes time away. Sign-ups begin: Jan. 14, 12:00 AM EST. Sign-ups end/compostition begins: Jan. 21, 11:59 PM EST. Composition ends/voting begins: Feb. 21, 11:59 PM EST. Voting ends: March 1, 12:00 AM EST.
  14. I have no reason to review this, mainly because I believe it's perfect. Seriously. This song rocks. Hair of my Judgment: 100/100
  15. To be honest, I just discovered this remix today. One thing that I want to congratulate you on, Protricity, is the fact how you actually took a stab at making an arrangement in 12/8 time signature. That alone is kudos enough, but the fact that you've put forth great quality and kicked us in the face with down-tempo makes this song even better. I would've liked to hear more source melodies used in the second half of the song, but for what it's worth this song is fantastic. The Hair of my Judgment: 94%
  16. PM your song to Xenon Odyssey over at OLR before voting starts. That's all there is to it, really.
  17. I couldn't believe it when I read it: Reuben Kee is dead. Death is such a sad thing, especially when it's unexpected and accidental. It would be much different if we were all 80 years old and we got used to our loved ones dying, but this is not the case: he was young. He had talent. He had a life filled with music right in front of him, I know it. *cries for two minutes* Words over the internet cannot express the emotions we may be filled with right now, not even emoticons could do justice; not even a thousand ":(" smilies. All I can say is that I miss his talent and I expect every one of us to look over the backs of everyone here. If any of us die, I expect the news to come out, and I promise to do so if I ever do hear of a death and no one has posted it. Also, I've done a tribute to Reuben Kee. The background song is a remix of his called "Reflections" and it's from a game called Shenmue. Dear Reuben Kee Oh, and by "straight face" I meant is as "keeping myself from crying like I have been for the past hour."
  18. Sorry to see you leave VGMix. Alright, one thing I've noticed about each version that you release is that the mastering of all the samples gets better and better. This song is also complex and with the quality of everything I find it quite enjoyable! Nice job!
  19. Congrats on your win, Alex! That was an amazing song you had there! And I'm pretty sure my piece was a little low-quality for such a competition but I wanted to try something unique.
  20. EDIT: I got to upload my song just fine. I had to name the file as "(artist)_-_(song title).mp3"... something of which I couldn't find but somehow came across as I looked at the filename of my song and noticed that my actual file didn't have that filename, so I changed it. Now it works like a charm.
  21. I'll work on my song tonight and submit it too. It'll be my most unique arrangement ever.
  22. http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/zqmg/PDZ (<- Clean, non OLR version) http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/kvhy/Penis-Destruction-Zero--Dirty-Loop-Mix- (<- NSFW) So, this is a remix of Mission Select from Perfect Dark Zero for the Xbox 360. Seeing as there was no midi for this song at VGMusic I had to make this by ear. As far as remixing without aid goes, this is probably my best, even though it's far from being my best overall. I made the song some kind of weird fusion of hip hop and techno and I'm quite satisfied with the results. Oh, and the Penis Destruction Zero version of this mix was submitted to OverLooked ReMiX's Buttsex Month. All of the girly talking and panting was done by me. I recorded my voice, didn't modify it one bit, and plugged it straight into the song. Sometimes it's hard for me to listen to the panting and think that it's me, but it's true. Sometimes I wonder if I have the potential to be a cartoon voice actor as well... but it will never ever happen. Heh. Both songs loop. Enjoy.
  23. So, instead of the song ending and looping it should make a better transition to loop to? Gotcha.
  24. It sure would be nice to see a great turnout!
  25. Thanks for the comments! I, too, had considered the song to be plain, however, I figured that since was my first piece of this kind that I should take it slowly. Plus, the average joe couldn't tell the difference between this and the same song including the suggestion you recommended to me. But, yeah, I'll consider those for my next piece. Thank you.
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