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  1. I really like this one. Nice soft melody without any real sudden jolts which send you out of relaxation, while keeping it entertaining and catchy. Really creative when someone can make such a great remix from a gameboy title (I love gameboy themes, but to make an in-depth remix like this from one it takes a lot of talent). Good job.
  2. You know, in all honesty I was hoping this would be one of the game's deeper themes (like mission 2/3 or mission 5/6 themes). However, when I heard this remix it gave me a reason to enjoy the first mission's theme. Great mix, and great emotion put into it. It's not often I get to hear a remix I like that you can also tell had a lot of emotion put in aswell. Keep up the good work, and hope to hear more bionic commando themes, or any others, soon.
  3. He doesn't like the baseline, but that can be fixed by proper calibration of your sound system. the piano is solid, and it's a refreshing tempo change from the original. I agree with that. It's a good song that's perhaps more on the ambient side, but a damned good ambience at that. S'certainly not the worst remix ever, there /are/ some remixes not worth having posted on OC remix (which I'll leave nameless, as it's simply my opinion), but this is not one of them.
  4. SotN/NitM galamoth -- no equipment FF8 omega weapon -- level 99, all weapons downgraded to basic, no items the mudman from megaman 1 NES -- no elec man trick blaster master NES level 3 boss -- no grenade trick the guardian legend NES final boss -- no subweapons dragon spirit NES the 'decisive battle' with the orange/gold firey dragon type things at the last area -- no upgrades contra NES the energy zone boss -- rifle (without dying) ruby weapon -- no summon/gold saucer/northern cave materia emerald weapon -- level 40 no KotR no final attack ultemecia/griever succession -- no support c
  5. This is a beautiful remix...perhaps the most emotional I've heard on the entire site. A lot flows into this (no pun intended -.-). It's not only a very relaxing ambience, but the way the flute and piano and lyre (or assumed third instrument ) fits seemlessly together at times to add a blend that's not hard on the ears is a very nice touch -- an especial favorite to those who like the serenade of water piece from the game. Hope to see more work from you soon styles and music like that should never fade away.
  6. very low riding and laid back at first, good for unwinding and just enjoying it...it harmonizes nicely and as many have said just a cool theme. Then the guitar picks up -- both very skilled and with that tint of emotion to it. I really love this remix and I hope to get into more of the SD3 OST after hearing it (I know SoM had a lot of good themes).
  7. This is...wow. I'm always a fan of individuals who can do two things -- play the piano with a fast pace while maintaining a good sound/rhythym and interpret a song with many different instruments into a single piano solo. This does both of them nicely, what starts off as a normal piece quickly changes into what sounds almost like a slightly jazzy rendition of the moonlight sonata (act 3). I have a deep respect for people who play the piano so well -- this is obviously a good demonstration of playing the piano that well.
  8. dunno if it's been said, but I'll list a few. sigma from mega man X4, final form (provided, you don't cheat with X to get the ultimate armor/infinite nova strike). death from simon's quest (don't kill me I'm joking ) balio and sunder from breath of fire 3 (which are only unfortunately defeatable through rumor for most people) in terms of attempting to beat a game without dying, the energy zone boss from contra 1 (for me anyway, I haven't figured out this how not to die strategy, maybe I'm just slow ) and last but not least because I can't think of anything, if optional bosses count, emera
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