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  1. What? Which Mario games are full voiced? I mean, they all have one-liners they throw out repeatedly, but that isn't full voicing. I can only think of one Mario game that had full voice acting for spurts any more than one or two short sentances, Sunshine. And the voices were absolutely wretched and definitely was a negative aspect. I'm not inherently refuting your main point, but I can't even begin to imagine what you're talking about with Mario.
  2. I know I'm a few pages (And a couple days) late, but I'm a bit confused. I downloaded a rip of the OST, and here, His World most definitely IS a remix. It's lyricless, faster, simpler, rock-ish, and feels like a perfect fit for Brawl. I love the horrible cheeseyness of the song so I've heard all the versions of it that existed previously, and I had never heard this one before now. Did someone slip it into the rip for kicks or something...?
  3. Is that even possible? I figured they would've run out of tears a long time ago.
  4. I don't know how much of Miyamoto's stash Sakurai had to go through to come up with this, but this is clearly the best argument you can make that drugs are good for you.
  5. This is the second time that a video involving Sonic has made me wonder if I was dreaming. The other was the revealing of Shadow the Hedgehog, and that was more wondering if I was stuck in a nightmare. But this is just epic. I agree with the assertings that Megaman is most likely in, he'd work too well to pass up. You'd tolerate emo-angst gun toting 'dark loner' hedgehog, but not the most iconic character in the series besides Sonic himself?
  6. I can't wait to hear the codec call about Kirby. He has such a gluttunous desire to taste everything, I find the idea that Snake could declare a pink ball of fluff to be his 'ultimate rival' quite humorous.
  7. Which I honestly do not believe for a second they're doing. It's been four months since the site started doing the update schtick, and since then, they've only revealed two truly new characters, as Lucas and Ike will either be taking roles for returners, or be near-clones like Luigi. But even if we count them all, that's only four new characters in four months, all of them perfectly likely to be starters, and we've only got two months of updates left. And yes, I honestly believe there will be far more characters than this. We haven't even hit the benchmark of Melee, and there are still a few likely returners yet to be seen. No way in hell are they gonna stop at a 27 or whatever roster benchmark, I'm damn sure of that. Sakurai's been showing that now that he has the space of a DVD, he damn well plans to do all he can to fill it.
  8. Then don't look? I mean, the whole site is devoted to giving away info, it seems a bit odd to complain about them doing that. Nintendo remains silent on a lot of things, and this is a great way to keep the excitement steady. Plus, we don't even know how much we know. Really, we've not even seen half the amount of stages as were in Melee, and I'm sure we'll have far more in Brawl. Also, I think Sakurai has officially snapped. LANDMASTERRR! Yeah. It's cool. My heart's aflutter.
  9. Bigfoot, it should be said that you need your props for that. Back when those pictures hit the net, and one of my friends pointed out the sheer amount of ass viewable in Snake's jumpsuit. That idea was the very first thing that jumped into my head, someone making a video of Brawl trailers and gameplay and just shoving it into everything with 'DUN DUNNN'. An hour later I was browing the thread and saw your original posting of that. Bless you, you magnificant person.
  10. It's one of the reasons I love Fire Emblem. I can't think of a single other series which manages to encompase so many different kinds of characters into a single game, rather than relying on a bunch of meathead bloodthirsty males and scantily clad women, or all girlyboys and extremely manly females. It just seems like a bunch of different-view people, rather than the cut and dry stereotypes, yanno? So it's easy to shrug off the occassional 'sexual' female as someone who, just like real life, sometimes just makes a concious choice to be that way. I'm a bit of a fanboy, if you couldn't tell, heh.
  11. The reactionary bullshit about Zero Suit Samus is such a steaming pile. It's a jumpsuit. You see EVERYONE in them in science fiction, and it's not always inherently sexual. Is it skintight? Why yes, jumpsuits usually are. But I can tell you that Snake is showing off more well-toned ass than Samus here. A better question is whether or not our ability to not see 'THE SEXUAL CORRUPTION' in every little thing says anything about whether or not it's us ourselves who have issues. Do you also get angry about densitisation to sexuality when you see an olympic swimmer in a swimsuit? Those things hug curves when wet, afterall. How about gymist outfits, those are clearly signs that our world is falling apart, right? For the record, go play Fire Emblem. Filled with women, and I can think of maybe one out of every 30 or 40 that's designed to be inherently sexual. Edit: Goddamn you Triad. You and your intellectual replies. Make me look like a dick... </grumble>
  12. Bowser is usually five times the size of Mario, and actually, if I remember correctly, canoically Kirby is EXTREMELY small. Size doesn't really matter in Smash, at least, size that they are seperately from eachother. That's why I think Chibi Robo could make it in.
  13. Custom Robo is too good a fit to be ignored, Baten Kaitos is now a second-party series because Nintendo majority owns both the BK rights and Monolith, Chibi Robo could work if they ignore size rules (possible), and depending on how much rights Nintendo has to the games, Ouendan/Elite Beat Agents could be considered usable without being third party. Oh, and Golden Sun. There's no lack of sourses to draw non-third party characters from.
  14. When the internet is suddenly flooded with Metal Gear/Fire Emblem crossover fanfiction (See: Later today), I'll be the first one glaring angrily at Sakurai. Also, what the hell is up with Ike's sword? The hand behind his back wouldn't be in any location to hold it at that angle, and it isn't like Snake is holding it... I just know that Sakurai is damn lucky the pic didn't have the sword a couple notches lower.
  15. In most games I'd have a laundry list of things to be angry about with such a barebones online mode. But this is Smash Bros, and I don't need anything more than the ability to play with my buds around the world, or be free to smash some random chumps anywhere. Hell, with Smash, I'm estatic that it's able to do all four characters. Now let's just hope all standard Smash modes are available, and they don't cut any heavily animated levels.
  16. You must need it, considering it's a Saturday.
  17. It also played a more turning point-important role in Mother 3. But yeah, as far as items go, the Franklin Badge is 'fuck yeah' -epic-. I'd also say that, even if unlikely, this only guarentees the return of a main Mother character. Just because I know if they re-skin Ness into Lucas, even if he plays the same, there's gonna be a bit of bitching.
  18. And Captain Falcon. And Ice Climbers. But seriously, holy SHIT...
  19. Am I the only one who doesn't see that guy at the end as a singular villain? He looks too borderline generic (And cute, I want one!) to be a main villain. I suspect he's more of a single spawn of a mass of damned creatures come to purge those who break the rules. That, OR, the thing is what Smashers get conjured into when they try to break the rules and defy the 'natural order' of things. Five bucks says Metaknight is a begrudging 'Angel of Death' type of herald for this retribution. Because he's just that awesome. Edit: Last screenshot proves me right. You'll notice two more clusters of... Whatever the thing is standing in, in the background. So two more are about to appear. It's swarm threat.
  20. Bwahaha! Oh MAN that rocks! What's more, given that I don't honestly believe an AC character will make the roster (I expect a Resetti summon, though), this shows that they may be doing quite a few stages that aren't directly tied to the cast. Very cool. Also, random thought: Given that this is a first time that an 'audience' has existed inside a stage, and given the picture where most are staring at bowser, but the male kid is staring at the clash on the platform, I wonder how detailed they are. Even if it's just looking independantly at whatever they 'find interesting', that'd be really cool. Oh, and I just dropped in from everywhere, and nowhere. Don't mind me.
  21. So, figured I'd drop in and post my impressions. I got my game today (and have been shamelessly wearing the pre-order bonus wristband this whole time), and logged a good three-four hours into it. Just to get something out of the way for anyone who rented it or bought it and feel distressed at the get go, just hold on a few. I feel the tutorial goes on just a bit too long (Really, they could've just as well made it one long mission for the basics...), and the first level is nothing special. When you start off, the controls feel almost clunky as well. That's not a design flaw however. Oddly enough, it's a design choice... Anyway, you quickly get skills to fix that. Slap on a couple movement skills to smooth out the controls and improve the top speed and accelleration. It's a mild annoyance that they did it this way, but eh. Once you smoothen out the controls and get used to them, it's smooth as butter. What starts off as an awkward way to homing-attack becomes second nature, and you'll easily nab long strings of rings. Around the second level, you start to feel that twinge. There's a lot of speed, and a lot of stuff to dodge. The platforming elements work surprisingly well. I'm up to level 4, and both 3 and 4 have really impressed me by the sheer rush I feel when playing them. Also, frankly, I think the music is hatable, but it's not as bad as the reviews make it out to be. If you like the adventure tunes in general, you'll at least enjoy it. If you don't, you'll hate it, simple enough. I get a sort of guilty pleasure at how I find 3's cheesily win. The story is bunk, no one should be surprised. At least it doesn't take itself seriously. Skip the scenes and save yourself a headache. The thing that I find most striking however is that it feels so... So... Polished. It leaves me wondering if I'm playing an entirely different series. Oh sure, there's still the off hand cheap hit, but they're really rare. I've run into maybe one glitch in all the missions I've played (Can't remember what it was, just that it annoyed me and didn't happen again), and of course, the camera never impedes with the gameplay. The levels have plenty of gimmicks as well as speed, but they don't get in the way, and the fact that you always have a hand in them just makes the game feel better. Even when you're going at high speeds, you're still in control, unlike in almost every instance of real speed in the past games. Long story short, you might not be satisfied I suppose, but I sure am. And I'm a Sonic Fan who gave up after the mess that was heroes, and only got more disgusted with the following two 'entries'. It may not be a return to 'classic' Sonic standards, but I think I prefer that it goes, and succeeds, for new. And I mean, it feels like a genuinely good game. Not by Sonic standards, but by normal game standards. Now I just hope it gets the sales to justify Sega looking into this method of play, because I could easily see a sequal being more 'Fight Robotnik', and I could see both Tails and Knuckles fitting in with good gameplay variations (Tails getting a lot more in-air happenings, Knuckles, being mostly grounded and moving just a tad slowly, but tearing through everything in his path). Anyway, I need to stop here. I've got an old friend to visit with...
  22. Just as a heads up, this isn't fully confirmed, but I'm near positive each of the 8 stages has two acts. Plus, there's supposedly gonna be at least a couple unlockable ones. I'll spare the details on one though, as I suppose that could be spoilers. Also, you don't need to complete all 100 missions to beat the game, it's called there being extra so people don't complain about only having 8/16 goals.
  23. I'm just doing my best to try not to get hyped up about Secret Rings. I mean, I want it, I'm gonna get it at launch, I desire so much that it turns out well, but the Sonic Heroes hype burn left such a bad taste in my mouth that I'm forcing myself to regulate how excited I get. The fact that it's moving away from the people who destroyed the series in the first place gives me hope, though. And man, that full Japanese trailer... I got Sonic fanboy shivers, I tells ya. I haven't had those in years. Unless you count stomach wretchings as shivers.
  24. Okay, for those of you who have the lite (including Bigfoot), I plan on getting one, but it's a matter of how it turned out that decides how soon I get it. 1: Is the stylus really better? 2: The buttons, in comparison, how are they? 3: Do the shoulder buttons feel as awkward? And lastly, what's the concensus on rate of dead pixels? I don't want to adopt too early and get a messeed up screen contrasting my sexy handheld.
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