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  1. This is a mix that deserves more props that it has thus far! I haven't got a lick of musical talent in me so I can't offer you constructive crits. I can only say that I have passed this song along to friends and find it tremendously inspiring. I really hope to hear more from you!
  2. Pixietricks: I'm totally impressed with the way you've taken the criticisms and usual mouthing off in these forums. You're obviously a centered, dedicated artist and if you keep improving from your crits, you will go quite far. P.S. - Hello fellow Masshole!
  3. Contrary to what others say, Fei Long's theme was one of my faves from this game. So naturally I'm psyched to see that someone gave it some attention, no less than Star, and I'm most pleased with the remix. It's on my playlist with Sakura and Cammy's remixes. ^__^
  4. Ah ha! I knew this was djpretzel's work around the 1:27 mark... reminds me of the gloomy Lunar piece he did. I really enjoy listening to this one; it's a unique hybrid of styles and I adore the string/ocean wave solo around 2:09. I heard this song by chance on ormgas moments after some very disappointing news was made clear to me and this song reflected exactly how I felt. So crisp and bittersweet, tumultuous at times. I find this to be a very inspiring and well-layered remix. On the top of my playlist, for sure. -Steph (aka Cre8vSteph)
  5. The previous remixes of "The Day the World was Revived" have fallen short for me - they lacked the harmony and the desolate yet hopeful mood of the original. I greatly favor Unknown's part in this remix (no offense to Zircon naturally, for this particular song, I have longed to hear it arranged in an orchestral way). I have sort of wished that Unknown would score one of my animations for me, and this mix (combined with his "Storm in the Desert" piece) keeps him at the top of my list once again. Thanks for the inspiration and the nostalgia - I hope you two plan on collaborating again.
  6. I am ALWAYS psyched whenever someone remixes this game, since to me it one of the best and lesser known SNES games ever. This mix plays with an already catchy, bouncy tune and makes it so much more fun. I like this mix best right up until the vocal percussion - gets a bit choppy at that point but still so funky. So cool! And I agree... it's time to do a remix compilation for this game! I've been pestering remixers for some time to remix the "White Mirror" theme in this game, afterall. ^__~
  7. Epic... moving... This will inspire me for a good long while. THANK YOU for doing this theme justice.
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