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    District 9 instead of Halo movie?

    yes, because who needs scalding commentary on the human condition when you could have alien wars.
  2. Jabberbox

    District 9 instead of Halo movie?

    Agreed and taken note of. Although part of me can't resist the urge to think he's not trolling and he really can't grasp any thematic element more complex than good vs. evil.
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    yeah, I was pretty underwhelmed by the graphics in 2D... everything was too smooth.
  4. Jabberbox

    Most underrated videogame OST's

    The Ikaruga soundtrack was incredible, but I hardly hear people talk about it.
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    Speaking of this film, (spoilers! hilight to view) Did anyone think the part where Jake stabbed the big bayonet through the canopy of Colonel Quaritch's mech looked kinda similar to the animation used in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, when Link stabbed Ganondorf in the forehead with the master sword? Because to me, it looked almost exactly the same as far as the way it was coreographed.
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    District 9 instead of Halo movie?

    I think you missed the point entirely. First off, what the heck do you mean about the weapon thing? I personally haven't seen the ID tagging done quite like that before. The substance wasn't gasoline or even an alien form of fuel. It was never fully explained exactly what it was. They wanted you to hate most of the characters, particularly the main character at first. And the statement about the aliens? really? So, the only species in the universe that should capable of being of mixed or neutral ethics is the human? The film tried to point out quite clearly that the aliens were varied in personality and morality. I think you should re watch it and try to see it for what it is, not what you think it should have been. ___ edited: Oh, and it was made from the leftover budget after the HALO movie fell through. Wasn't even in the works until the HALO movie was canceled.
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    How would YOU make this game?

    Okay, here's what happens given the location: Average day, working at inn. guest checks in, room is given. Next day, odd cracks appear in ground, investigation amongst townspeople, guest shows up in evening for second night. Third day, while trimming grass near inn, small, translucent tendrils grabs nearby animal, who then mutates slightly and attacks. you kill it with grass scythe. run inside, explain situation, guest pays vague attention before leaving for the day. that night, a cracking noise is heard, sky has a faint, glowing cracked pattern in it (too faint to see during daytime.) Fourth day: guest seen investigating around town, scattered reports of attacks in the forest, assumed to be highwaymen. tendril crazed person says something in an indecipherable language and passes out. recovers in hospital with horrible memories. Fifth day: other people report odd sightings in forest, describing the same tendrils as before, guest drops odd object, looks futuristic. small siege of monsters at village gate cause emergency town meeting. guest sows up to meting as well. Sixth day: cracks grow brighter and more numerous, guest seen speaking to himself in the middle of the night. monsters from deeper in the forest emerge in city. Seventh day: after guest leaves room, you decide to take housekeeping duty in order to investigate the suspicious guest, suspecting he might be the cause. Empty sword hilt, bizarre looking knife, some futuristic looking gadgets found, and a map of the village is found, with a date written on it and an "x" over where the ground and sky cracks seem to converge. record of attacks found, as well as record of similar attacks from places you've never heard of. You put everything back where it was and go on to clean other rooms. that night, you return the gadget the guest dropped, who thanks you profusely for it, and leaves for his room. Eighth day: Guest seen around the marked location on map with the returned object. You ask him what it is, but he dances around th question. other villagers are growing more suspicious of him as well. attacks from mountain creatures occur. at night, guest is seen with empty hilt near the same spot, while the cracks worsen. a strange creature appears of the same material as the tendrils. it attacks the guest, who attempts to use the empty hilt as a weapon. the creature inexplicably becomes sliced up and de-materializes. smaller enemy forms as guest walks away, jumps him, knocking sword hilt away. boss battle with otherworldly entity. Ninth day: guest takes you aside, and explains partly what happened. it was a creature from another universe attempting to invade. bag of maps found near battle site. they all have vastly different buildings on them, but the terrain is the same as the town. more monster attacks, but the town's newly organized task force handles it well. Tenth day: tendrils envelop a house, guest seen with knife slashing at the tendrils, you join in helping, and he hands you the hilt. You enter the house, help him rescue the inhabitants and have a boss battle with a large tentacle. you escape with occupants, house is crushed and lies under field of writhing pink. guest checks out of inn at evening. Eleventh, and twelfth day are worsening cracks, investigation in town archives, and ever stronger monsters. records show nothing of any sort of event, but a somewhat rambling book describes similar circumstances. no sign of the guest. Thirteenth night: sky breaks, gigantic pillar slams into ground, half of the town is decimated. winged warrior shows up with empty hilt, along with the guest and several other fighters. you still have the knife, which as mechanical parts in the blade running at full speed. you aid the mysterious warriors in battle. during battle with the pillar, you learn that it's from another type of universe, in which time works differently. it attacked the planet in the same spot, just at different points in history, which is where the other warriors are from. straight on boss first form, puzzle boss second, third is curbstomp battle (against you.) guest uses beam weapon as last ditch effort, it opens a weakness, but the gun overloads and explodes, killing guest. final form is a low hp match between the remaining party and pillar. after defeat, the pillar disappears, and is erased from the time line, reversing the damage. guest (never named.) is buried, and other warriors offer for you to join them. sequels take place in same town, just at different timeframes. (metropolis at one setting, just forest land in one, etc.)
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    I love these Mario mods

    Yeah, I loved that, but for some reason, I had trouble accepting it as a true and pure ROM hack, seeing as I can't download the ROM and see it as it appeared in the video. not saying it wasn't absolutely incredible.
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    Have you ever cried at a video game?

    I think this page will probably cover everything... WARNING! TVTROPES LINK! ABANDON ALL FREE TIME, YE WHO ENTER HERE!
  10. Jabberbox

    I love these Mario mods

    superior, ignoring the fact that it had to be 4 similar stages put together in a video editor. Either way, I stand corrected and slightly aroused.
  11. Jabberbox

    I love these Mario mods

    ultimate example in 3... 2... 1... </thread>
  12. Jabberbox

    ReMixes that sooth the mind

    "AdleHydeCastleFlow" ~ posu yan "Electric Clouds" ~ posu yan "A Rose For Zelda" ~ Tepid "Into the Golden Sunset" ~ BogusRed "Town Life in Piano" ~ kLuTz
  13. Jabberbox

    Have you ever cried at a video game?

    Well, there's mother 3... 2... you know what? the whole dang series made me cry at least once per game. End of sonic battle, because it has a character die in agony, and nobody even pays that much mind to it. he's literally screaming in pain, guys, at least try to console him! the intro to FFXII, where the orchestrated version of the main theme plays. I knew two things the second it started: The writing will be a return to form, and there is an odd moist sensation on my fa-ohmygod I'm crying. Not really because of the game, but a remix on this site by remixer "bogus red," for LoZ Link to the Past. It has connections to... less than pleasant memories. As a result, I love the song, but can't listen to it. I remember also findong my old copy of pokemon blue (in the origonal game boy, no less.) so I turned it on, opened save file, and I was in palette town for some reason. Music caused a weapons grade nostalgia rush that made me drop to my knees on the spot. And finally, during a play through of Tales of Legendia (red headed stepchild of the series it is...) all of the characters were getting their own individual blessing from some force for good, deeming them all worthy... except for one, the one who, at that point in the story, had put up with the most crap of all of them. now he has divine rejection to deal with (resolved later, but it put me in a mood for weeks)
  14. Jabberbox

    OC ReMix Logo?

    ... rule 34?
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    Soul Calibur IV

    I really want to see if it's possible to do a recreation of Fayt Leingod (from Star Ocean 3: Till the end of time) in soul calibur 4 I don't have any current gen consoles, though, or else I would have done it myself. If anyone would like to, and post a picture, I'd really appreciate it. reference pic:
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    Cuil vs. Google

    ALRIGHT, PEOPLE! the only thing I care to know is: can Cuil DJP?
  17. Jabberbox

    Music to get that adrenaline pumpin

    HAH! I'd love to see that! oh, BTW, after 4 years of membership, this is post #200 I am horrible with forums.
  18. Jabberbox

    Music to get that adrenaline pumpin

    man, that's sick playing with 24 hours open in a FPS. serial killer in the making, you are. But speaking of Cowboy Bebop, Tank! is also excellent if playing a FPS, or a stealth game.
  19. Jabberbox

    Music to get that adrenaline pumpin

    Pretty much anything by vampire hunter dan has a lot of epic addrenaline moments (although, he also has calm moments in the same song.) uhmmm... One good one from Megaman X is pretty fast paced. Megaman X - Brainsick Metal - Protricity OOH! PunchOut has another good one. Punch-Out!! - Little Mac's Confession - GameOver and their megaman one is prety intense, as well. Megaman 3 - Cataclysmic Clash - GameOver If I think of more, I'll update. Also, could I get a link to the set the mood thread? I missed that one.
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    All Time Hardest Boss

    "not to derail the topic: but how did this thread get so huge in a matter of hours?" oh, wait, sorry, first post was six years ago.
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    Let's find fanart that's actually GOOD

    Hope you don't mine me posting non-game fanart. Kiki's delivery service: Works of Hayao Miyazaki:
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    Happy Engagement, djpretzel!

    Hey, what about an OCR album commemorating the wedding? I'd even contribute any way I could. I only regret being away from OCR for so long. oh, and
  23. Jabberbox

    Cuil vs. Google

    I think cuil has some potential, but it will take a lot of work to get it running like it could.
  24. Jabberbox

    Chill out song recommendations?

    http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00262/ Po! - AdleHydeCastleFlow - Wild Arms. jazzy, loungy, and could put you to sleep. (but not from boredom.) http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01188/ DHSU - Rainbow Snowlad - Mario Kart 64. Slow, quiet, peaceful, and overall enjoyable. http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01107/ Joshua Morse - Frappe Cafe Vibe - Mario Kat 64. A bit more upbeat than most chillout songs, but it works. http://kirby.supertux.com/04%20-%20Creampuff%20Starship%20~%20Theme%20of%20Star%20Herald.mp3 Analoq - Creampuff Starship ~ Theme of Star Herald - Album: Rise of the Star (Kirby's Adventure) Like Frappe Cafe Vibe, perhaps a little more energetic. Still a good chill out song.
  25. Is it just me, or does the Megaman Legends series seem eerily similar to the anime masterpiece: Laputa: Castle In the Sky? I just saw it, and it seems to have influenced the game in nearly everything, including story, creatures, and even characters. I saw that there was a role reversal, with Pazu being an influencing on roll, and Sheeta influencing Megaman to a degree. the pirate family in Laputa is extremely similar to the Bonne family in Legends. and I swear one of the enemies in Legends is exactly like the robots in from Laputa. (the two robots on the bottom are the ones from laputa.) I love how there is reference in the game to such a great movie, but it's borderline plagiarism at times. Did anyone else notice that? (edit: capitalization) (edit: picure)