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  1. check your email, broseph. i sent you a highly important email.

  2. as soon as amazon delivers it, i will be!

  3. your system restore things are probably infected as well.

    if you're downloading mbam through your infected computer, i'll bet it's hijacking the dls with something else. there's literally no way that mbam can be eaten in safe mode - there isn't a way for it to run without you allowing it to. download the program at work, install it in safe mode, boot, run it while watching process explorer for any suspicious threads (aka programs that run instead of mbam when you boot it). if you see them, write down the name, manually delete the files that are running (as long as it's not like system32 or something), and try, try again.

  4. ccleaner would probably help. if it won't let you run mbam, boot into safe mode and use it a few times. run ccleaner while you're there, too.

  5. lecture's being posted as we speak. http://prophet.escariot.net/music/recital/ is the link, just wait for the upload to finish.

  6. what's with the three names? are you a group or something?

  7. no way, dude, am i sleeping on the floor. married life has crippled me.

    you sleep on the damn floor and you'll like it!

  8. school started up for me last week. i'm going to grad school full time in two days a week (urgh) and working four. it's busy, but i'm glad i'm actually able to support my family doing it.

  9. probably because it's either set on the wrong time zone or because it's thinking it's DST when it isn't, or the other way around.

  10. probably because i'm never online. i never really was before, tbh.

  11. i can get the mod wheel working occasionally, and the AT works in omnisphere but not all other synths through FL.

    what'd you do to get the transport keys working?

  12. don't call saturday unless you want to talk to my wife again. i'll be driving most of the day and at a wedding for the rest of it. maybe sunday afternoon?

  13. salluz, when are you going to contact me about computerz?

  14. a mission statement? really? pretentious, if nothing else :

  15. your sig is hilarious

  16. no shipping? that's not very nice =( it cost about six dollars to ship. mind sending that out at some point? it's not much, but it'll let me get the external hard drive i want without an influx from my bank account :

  17. yes, it is. my paypal's my email address - bradley dot burr at gmail dot com. send me the cash tonight and i'll drop it off at the post office on my way out the door tomorrow morning, you'll get it by monday.

  18. halt says that it's yours. 100$ plus shipping for the system and charger, no memory card or anything.

  19. logitech x-230 speakers. they're externally powered, so you can boost the shit out of them and it sounds huge.

    they're old, though, so ebay and the like might be preferable to buying them for full price.

  20. boy, that flamerwolf guy spammed like every judge's profile, didn't he?

  21. why, video games, of course =)

  22. no, that's Geoffrey Taucer here on the boards who sang that song. if you want to hear me, check out 'thieves of fate' in the radical dreamers project, and the hymn arrangement in my music page (linked in my sig).

  23. oh, excellent. thanks, man.

  24. sp3 automatically can recognize single sata-based platter/ssd drives up to a theoretical 3.5tb, last time i checked. if it's raid, it can be as big as it wants to be. your hardware will be the only limitation, but i can't think of a mobo that won't take a 1tb.

  25. yeah, sp3 does. but it wouldn't recognize it if the bios didn't recognize it as a hard drive. that's what i'm talking about.

    although tb drives have been out since 2007. maybe the drive's a brick. you didn't buy a 7200.11 seagate, did you? those are notorious as of late for being DOA.

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