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  1. yeah, larry was going through the changed names for the remixes, and wanted to know if i wanted something a little more unique and searchable than "the prophet". i've been going by this handle elsewhere for a while, and i figured it'd stick.

    can't wait!

  2. good to see you, too =)

  3. lol, of course not. i'm not THAT dumb. i more am just thinking it's funny that HD the 14yo is biting on it :

  4. depends on how high you want to go. a computer using one of the new i7 processors, 4gb of ram, good graphics, decent power supply, would likely be around a thousand or so if we skimped a touch on little things like the optical drive and silencing options. lots of hd space, bigger processor, either one big or two decent-sized graphics cards, etc - you can just go on and on with customization. i could easily do a 5k system with stock parts and not even scratch the surface of high-end customization of components and case structure.

    give me a money range over pm and we can talk. if nothing else, i can work up a build so you've got a reference. not like i'll charge for that or anything.

  5. you've got a remo djembe, right? what size is it? and what head do you have on it? i was thinking about picking one up from here at some point. just kind of doing some research more than anything.

  6. no, i'm talking about the little one. i should just take that down, since i think i have one sitting around somewhere.

  7. i literally got a wip for it like a day ago and just haven't updated yet. sorry, dude - feel free to throw a wip down for any of the other tracks that are left. i'm updating the page now, we should have a few new ones opening up soon.

  8. i'm responding now, actually =)

  9. not really games i'm interested in. thanks, though.

  10. pm me some prices and stuff and we'll go from there.

  11. Ha ha, Xenogears album comment fail.

  12. i get a deal through my college, so i'm set for the big images i've already got. but there's stuff here i haven't seen before.

  13. hey, this guy looks pretty sweet. thanks for letting me know.

  14. IV GBA, actually.

    really, i just got bored. been a long time since i played a sprite-based FF.

  15. eh, i got to the moon and got lost, and since the random encounter rate is so damn high i can't go three steps without hitting very difficult enemies. i just got sick of fighting the same few amoebas over and over again and stopped.

  16. great sig, man. chrono cross is a fantastic game.

  17. you look like a spambot. if you want me to make you a computer, send me a pm with a legit email in it =)

  18. no, since i have little money to work with. i keep some of my older stuff on soundclick.com/theprophetofmephisto, but that's about it.

  19. hey man, check your pm inbox. or your voicemail, which would probably be a better idea.

  20. the link's in my profile.

  21. keep your ears open about that over the next month or two. more info to come.

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