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  1. Hey, I just noticed this: 1. Submissions can arrange music from any video, computer, or arcade game. (emphasis mine) Now, I remember way back in the day, that it used to be just arcade and console games. In fact, the rules actually said something to the tune of "Console games only; no PC game music allowed". Is allowing remixes from PC games new to this revision, is it an oversight, or has it been this way for a while and I just didn't notice? Not that it affects me much, I don't remix, but I was just curious. [edit] Wait, I'm an idiot: you guys made an entire DOOM album, for cryin' out l
  2. Hmmm... What about modded versions of FF7 for vidcaps? Because people have been making and swapping higher-detailed models for the PC version of the game, almost to the point where it's almost not recognizable (Swapping in models from Kingdom Hearts, for example). Would that cause a problem? What about using scene editors to make custom scenes?
  3. ... Heh. Seeing that this was a multi-song mix, i rolled my eyes and thought, "Oh great, here comes another one that's gonan have a 1 minute or longer 'prelude' intro" But, then i clicked it in my download manager, and instead of having the song take me by the hand and gently lead me into the arangement, it KICKED DOWN MY DOOR AND NAILED ME WITH A SHOTGUN TO THE FACE! *ahem*, in otherwords, i was caught pleasently off-gaurd by it's suddeness... not that getting a shotgun to the face is pleasant, but.. well, okay, look, it was a bad analogy, okay? I liked it... not gonna go into too much d
  4. I'm listening to this, and, maybe it's the final fantasy addict in me, but i swear i'm hearing a bit of "ff7: Those who fight (ac version)" in there too, after 2:46... the repeating guitar rift sounds just like a bit of it o_o Coincidence?
  5. If you looked at the title... and listened to the lyrics, and put it into the cotnext of the "get up! get up!" meledy at the end, you'd realize that this was a song about failure.. specifically Mac's. And we've ALL been there before playing this game. So the lyrics fit (even if they are a bit deep.. though maybe one can assume Mac is looking back on all this after his loss?) btw, this Perry Bible Fellowship comic comes to mind: Heh
  6. Hmm.. I'm kinda mixed on this... mix. See, one of the things I look for in a remix is whether or not it would sound good in the game, and this Mix really wouldn't. It changes it's mood too many times, and in fact the song seems more like an experiment, where the artists were trying to see how many different ways they could play the same part over and over. I really couldn't see raiding the northern cave with this playing, particularily when the "beatles-like" part comes on. However, as a stand-alone song, i really, really like it =) It's interesting and varied, and masterfully crafted.
  7. *looks at Shonen's pictorial reply* Okay, so I was wrong (it happens!). My bad, hope ya weren't offended =) I still say he has a sorta-nerdy voice =P
  8. Hmm... I liked this mix. I'm not too fond of the male vocals, but i can live with it. It's not that they're BAD (he can sing a lot better than I could ever hope), but without referencing pictures, The lyricists seem to be a rather mistmatched couple to be seranading eachother (one a beautiful, whimsical young woman, and the otehr a semi akward, emotionally unsure nerdy guy... not too often does one see a couple like this). Though that's also part of the reason I LIKE it, oddly enough. The guy could be anyone. It's touching like that. Also, given all the lyrics talking about snow and col
  9. By no means a "hard boss", but I think Dyne in ff7 deserves an honerable mention. Here's a guy you fight one-on-one (with a character most people usualy don't level up...), and can kill you in 4 turns if you're not careful. It's one of those "One one one? Shit, i didn't equip a restore materia! SHIT, he can attack 3 times in a row.. SHIT... ah screw it *reset*" kind of bosses. Not hard if you know what you're doing, but everyone i know got pwned their first playthrough by this jackass. I'd mention a few more, but at 10*4* pages, anyone else i can thik of has proobably already been mentio
  10. Hmm... Well, I have to disagree with everyone saying that it doesn't match the original, or that some parts are out of synch: Aside from the extended begining, and brief apperances (i kant spel) of the Highwind theme for a second (1:20 and 1:55), it matches the orignal note for note (perhaps give or take some notes being extended, while others are shortened). Well, based on just listening to it, anyway. The precussion seems to stop, slow down, etc at appropriate places, when mind you, the orignal had NONE at all. Now the Electric guitar isn't BAD.. however, it's too prominant, and it seems
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