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  1. I have NEVER once seen a female Megaman. Watch Captain N: The Gamemaster then. You say that like it's a bad thing...Though, from what I've heard, it probably is... Mouser X out.
  2. Sonic has been in a fighting game before. I think it was called Sonic Fighters, and it was on the arcade. I've wanted to try it out (via emulation) but I don't know what arcade system it was on, and I'm not even sure what the game was called, so I haven't put much effort into finding it. Though, from what I've read, it was actually started as a joke because one of the developers was bored. The boss guy liked it, so they developed it further, and released it. I seem to recall that it's good for a few laughs, but that it wasn't really a lasting game. Also, who's to say that Sonic can't have some new moves? Sure, a spin attack is necessary, but it should be a short burst thing. Personly, I'd love to see Sonic in SSBB. I've always wanted to have a fight between him and Mario (or vice-versa, however you want to look at it). I must admit that I've never gotten further than 3 or 4 stages (if even that far) in a Sonic game, so I'm not a *huge* fan of the series. I do love the music though, and I think as a character that Sonic is awesome (perhaps not the "newer" Sonic, I'm more familiar with the Genesis Sonic). Actually, in Sonic Robo Blast 2 I've gotten somewhat far (at least to stage 3, perhaps to stage 4), but that's a fan-made game, so it doesn't exactly count. And, I always play as Tails and fly over everything... Really, good game, I think, but I still avoid direct "combat." Either way though, I'd still like to see Sonic in SSBB. Perhaps with Tails and Knuckles even (though, just Sonic himself would be good enough for me). Mouser X out.
  3. I'm pretty sure there's no DS thread because it was expected that such information would be passed around in the Nintendo thread. Even though it says "Wii" in the topic, I'm pretty sure it's open for discussion of almost all things Nintendo. In fact, all of those games you mentioned (except the Pokemon pics and Lunar Knights) were already mentioned in there. Of course, I'm sure a mod will come by, and correct me on that. Mouser X out.
  4. I noticed that none of the files in the torrent contain track numbers in the tags (MP3s or FLACs). Any particular reason for this? I was going to request that they include the track numbers when they release the "Special Edition" when I remembered that it would only be released in ISO format, and track numbers in the tags aren't really going to work in that regard... So, I was just wondering if some clarification on that could be provieded. As for the album itself, I think it turned out great! Thanks a lot. Definatly "professional release" (like you'd see in a store and such) quality. However, an "Extended Mix Edition" would be awesome! Forget the restraints on track time made by the script! Remake (or extend, or whatever) the tracks to the length that the ReMixer feels is appropriate for the song. Of course, stick to the general idea of the whole project, but give each individual track the time/attention it deserves. In saying that, what I mean is that I think the album turned out great. I'd just like to see some of the songs and themes expanded on, sort of like what has been mentioned in some of the earlier reviews. Again, thanks for the great music. And, thanks in advance for clarification on the track numbers instance. Mouser X over and out.
  5. In regards to the multiple Samus Bios, I agree that there should only be 1 (they're the same person, after all). I must add though, that I thought both bios were pretty good. I just have no idea how to combine them... Also, in regards to the pictures, couldn't some code (html or whatever) be added to the links so that when they click on a picture, it brings them to a generic template page (like what OCR does right now, for the most part), and fill that page with the relevent data pertaining to the link they clicked on? If you could do that, you wouldn't actaully need have both pictures in the bio, since it could load the picture according to the one they clicked on. Then, once inside the page, it would not only display the appropriate picture, but it could also display the appropriate info. Take Samus for example. Pic1 and Pic2 are different, but share almost all of the same data. So, you have some "data blocks (where/how the info is stored)." Probably 3 or so. 1 for the main body of text (as all of this should be relevent to both pictures), 1 for pic1, and 1 for pic2. That way, you meet the best of both worlds (IMO) because you have all the info, without having to worry about duplicating data or entries. Of course, your idea would also work just as well (and would also probably be easier to write for). Anyway, that's sort of what I've been thinking of for this project. However, it should be noted that although I had that idea, there's no way I could code it. I wouldn't even have a clue as to where, or how, to start. Anyway, yah, characters with multiple pictures (Samus, Mega Man X) should probably have only 1 bio, since they are the same person, after all (for the most part, I suppose). Mouser X over and out.
  6. I know that Zophar.net posted this in their news at one point, but I couldn't remember the site name. So, after a quick google search of Zophar.net, I bring you a few very useful links for manuals. http://www.hqscansorg.org/ The original site. They don't host the manuals themselves, but do have torrents set up for them (or uesed to. I think they've stopped doing that now). http://www.gamemanuals.net/ This is the REAL prize of the links. Over 5600 manuals online, based on what I saw (I didn't look very hard though). Click the "more" link in the lower right corner. You can of course use their search feature. It looks pretty good. Also, they have torrents set up, if anyone wants to try those out. One thing to keep in mind about this site though, is that the manuals are in PDF format (and a lot of them are very High Quality from what I've seen. MUCH larger than the vimmslair.com stuff. Of course, I haven't seen to many of them yet...). Just a heads up for you. Hopefully, between gamemanuals.net and vimmslair.com a lot more info can be found and used. Good luck with this, and maybe now we can get those game manuals included in the source (perhaps even linked?). Mouser X over and out.
  7. This has been bugging me. It's been said earlier that these bios are not meant to be a Wikipedia mirror, and yet a majority of the source links are from Wikipedia. While I'm quite sure that Wikipedia is an excellent source of information (and that the info portrayed in this thread isn't a mirror), I would, personaly, like to see more "outside" links (even if it's a fansite for the game the character is in, and not a site for the character themselves). Since I don't have any helpful information for most of what's been said, I'd like to post some very comprehensive links for the Mega Man (which can be used for Mega Man X, as well, I believe) bio. http://www.mmhp.net/ This is a site I accidently stumbled onto, while looking for a different MM site. As such, I haven't really looked at it to deeply, but it looks good. http://www.megaman-network.com/ This site is dripping with MM info of all kinds. Seriously, I think even Smoke could find helpful stuff here (though he very well may have written half the site, for all I know). http://mmco.megaman-network.com/charbios/ Bios for all of the MM Classic characters (even those who were very un-important). http://mmco.megaman-network.com/analyses/ In depth analyses of the MM Classic series as a whole. Oddly enough, there's actaully storyline to the original games, and not just "shoot anything that moves." (though that is what happens, of course, the analyses is cool because it tells what goes on in the background, how things develop, and even illustrates how Dr. Wily changes, and improves, his methods of attack and disguise) Though I haven't written a bio, I'd be very disapointed if the megaman-network links weren't included, as they certainly contain any and all info MM related. Sorry I can't help more, but maybe I'll rewrite/add to the MM bio later. Anyway, take a look at those links. I think they're quite amazing. Oh, last thing. MM has appeared on every system made by Nintendo. MM 1-6 for the NES, the GB games (listed already), the SNES games (listed already) and the MOST IMPORTANT ones, the Megaman Legends series! Megamam Legends 1 & 2 were on the PSX. Megaman Legends 1 was ported to the N64 as Megaman 64. Also, MM made it to the Gamecube in the Anniversiary Col. (though I don't know if that counts). As for Mega Man X, it should be noted that MMX 1-3 were on the SNES, and MMX 3-6 were on the PSX (yes, Mega Man X 3 was on both the PSX and the SNES. I have them both, if you want proof), with MMX 7 & 8 on the PS2. Also, the MMX Col. is coming out soon, and will be out on the PS2 as well as the Gamecube. Another MMX game on the Gamecube was MMX: Command Mission, which was the first RPG starring MM (though the MM Legends series had a lot of RPG elements, they're not really RPGs). And, don't forget the PC versions of MM games. There were a few MMX games that made it to the PC, and Megaman Legends 1 made it to the PC as well (I think there were others, but I'm not sure). Yes, I do realize that every game starring Megaman can't be listed in the bio (he might actaully beat out Mario...), but if the comment "mega man has had at least one game on all but one of the nintendo consoles." is going to be made, I'd like to to be truthful (which, that comment isn't true, since there has been a Mega Man game on every single one of Nintendo's consoles (unless you count Mega Man Legends as a separate character/bio)). Anyway, there's my contribution to this project (for now). Hopefully, it can be of use for the final product. [EDIT] In case you're wondering, the Megaman-Network site also lits all of its sources. The link for that info is http://mmco.megaman-network.com/resources/ Again, hopefully this can be useful to you. Mouser X out. [EDIT2] Mascot 54 (Dr. Wily) has a full name of "Dr. Albert W. Wily" Please see Megman-Network for more details (that's where I found his name).
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