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  1. I'll vouch for Tetrisphere as well. Check http://www.hcs64.com/usf/ for the USFs (emulated audio gamerip). If you've got chipamp installed, then Winamp will play the files for you, since 64th Note is in the chipamp package. There's no Tetrisphere mixes on the site, and it's got 23 songs. Certainly, some good OSTs/games have been mentioned, but personally, I'd love to see a Tetrisphere remixed album. That'd be awesome. Anyway, good luck on your decision. Mouser X out.
  2. Mouser X

    Nintendo Wii

    Kid's get an allowance? I must never have been a kid then... The only money I ever got as a kid came from a paper-route I did. My parents never gave me that kind of money (enough, that is, to buy a VC game). Maybe enough to buy a piece of candy, rarely, but never anything more than $4 ($4 was a lot if given by my parents...). I'm of the opinion that the VC games are over-priced. Not terribly so, I suppose, but often more than I'm willing to pay. I know that discussion has been had before. Really, my point was that not everyone has an allowance. I doubt I even knew what that was until I was 12. So for some people, kids especially, a $10 game can be quite pricey. I agree though. Square just doesn't see the benefit of releasing their games on the VC. FF1-6 have been re-released somewhat recently, so there's no major need for those to go to the VC. CT though, considering the attention that Square is giving it, should go to VC. If you're going to ignore the game/series, then just give it to us (on the VC, of course), so that we can play it again. If you're not going to do that, then do another re-release (this isn't what I'd prefer, but it'd be better than leaving it out in the cold). Ever since the cease-and-desist was sent to CT:R, I haven't been to happy with Square. Enix, maybe, but not Square. Mouser X out.
  3. I had something written up in reply to this. However, since this isn't the place for such a discussion, I'll simply say that I partially agree with both of you (Maco70 moreso though). Unmod served an interesting purpose. Look at Coop's OCR Quirks site. I could be mistaken, but many of those quirks originated in Unmod. I'm sorry to see such a rich "culture" of people/attitudes disappear with Unmod. Other than that, in my opinion, it was for the better (please take this the best way possible. I don't mean ill by it).As for KH3, the CGI short looked interesting, but it didn't do anything for me. I haven't played any of the KH games (yes, I'm missing, out. I don't have a PS2 yet...), so maybe I'm missing something. However, in reading this thread, I'm under the impression that it won't be fully explained (if at all) until KH3 comes out. Interesting stuff. Mouser X out.
  4. This I must agree with. It's nice that Crabsmasher (is that spelled right?) started the competition. I'm glad that someone else was able, and willing, to carry on the "torch" so to say when he had to step down.Admittedly, I'm no Castlevania fan, so it's unlikely I'll be very familiar with the entries. Even so, I look forward to the results. Good luck everyone. Mouser X out.
  5. Or, you could try This one as well. It works great for me (so far, I just found it), and displays *TONS* of info. At least give it a try. I never realized I had over 25,000 MP3s on my PC (they take up 76.6 GB of my hard drive). So, at least give it a try. It's pretty nice. It looks like I've finally found a utility to replace my Freespace Anylizer... Thanks for the thread. It was a huge help for me. Mouser X out.
  6. Mouser X

    Xbox 360

    My brother's X360 stopped reading discs. So he bought a new one at Wal-Mart, packed up his old one in the box, and took it back saying something like "Hey, this isn't working" or "I changed my mind." He got the first one around Christmas, so it's still under some warranty somewhere, maybe. But this way was faster, and possibly cheaper. Just thought I'd bring up the whole "Wally renting" thing... Mouser X out.
  7. Mario Crackers?Seriously though, it'd be interesting to see Mario and Sonic in the same game, on the same team... Sonic leads through the speed areas, then tag-team to have Mario handle the other trickier areas (puzzles, jumps, whatever). It'd be interesting if they could get the follow-code, or AI stuff, advanced enough to have Mario follow Sonic or vice-versa, depending on who you're playing at the time. Just some thoughts. Mouser X out.
  8. Something that I noticed when reading that, was "churn water in a swimming heat." Sonic can't swim... At least, every Sonic game that I can think of implies this, as does many, if not all, of the cartoon/anime shows. I assume that many people wouldn't consider the cartoon/anime stuff as "cannon" perse, but even so, I've never known Sonic to swim. Obviously, the developers can change this, but I feel that it's out of place for Sonic. Oh well. Maybe he *finally* took lessons, or something... Other than that little nitpick there, I say this lookin interesting. Certainly not the game I'd like to see their head to head competition take place it, but it's a start. Hopefully Brawl *does* have Sonic, and comes out before this game. I'd like to see some of those matches... I've never been a big fan of the Olympics. Still interesting though. Mouser X out.
  9. Mouser X

    Xbox 360

    Well dang. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Good luck with it whatever you do. Mouser X out.
  10. Mouser X

    Xbox 360

    Have you tried smacking it? I saw a youtube video where some guy had the same thing happen. He turned it off, unhooked it, and gave it 3 good wacks against the side. He hooked it back up, and it showed no errors (all green, booted up, etc). If it's already broken, it couldn't hurt to try, could it? Mouser X out.
  11. Since N64 music is being discussed, I thought I'd ask if you people had been to USF Central. If you have installed the Chipamp plugin pack (you'll obviously need Winamp), then you can listen to the N64 music collection they've got there. If you *haven't* installed the Chipamp plugin pack, then download 64th Note (see the bottom of the page), and install that (you can get Winamp as well, if you don't have that). I think that almost every single game that's been mentioned in this thread is available. Anyway, I just thought I'd mention that to help in the nostalgia/recollection stuff. There's some really good songs on the N64. USF Central does a good job of making those widely and easily available. Hope you enjoy, for those of you who hadn't heard of it before. Mouser X out.
  12. I do believe that Tetrisphere is one of my favorite soundtracks. N64, or otherwise. Neil Voss is awesome. Though, I do have a lot of favorites... Really though, that game deserved some recognition for its great music. I'm glad I'm not the only one to notice this. Mouser X out.
  13. On my Toshiba Gigabeat (which runs Rockbox [Rockbox is AWESEOME!]), I have about 52,000 songs (rounded down. There's stuff in there that's not all music [album art, playlists, NFO, SVN, stuff like that]). I've got the really big C64 SID collection thing on there, tons of SPCs, the 2a03 (NSFs) collection, as well as commercial game NSFs, and plenty of MP3s (there's some FLAC and ADX (a fairly-large-in-file-size format, compared to MP3) in there as well). As I recall, the SID collection thing by itself is over 40,000 files. Excluding that, I'd be surprised if I had less than 10,000 on there. My Gigabeat has a 40 GB drive, and I've got about 1.5 GB left free on it. On my PC though, I had 55,000+ (in Winamp), last time I checked. And I know for a fact that I've gotten *at least* 10,000 more since then. And that's not including the C64 SID collection... Including that, I've probably got 100,000+ songs on my PC... Wow... That's a surprise to even me... As for total play time, I have no idea. Probably 1 or 2 months. Possibly more, with that SID collection. At the rate I'm going, I'll probably never actually listen to all those songs... Mouser X out.
  14. I care. I just have little time, and less art skill... I do wish all you people luck though. I look forward to seeing the art you awesome people produce. Mouser X out.
  15. That looks pretty good (great price, I think). I've been looking for a video-in device, so that I can take screen-shots, videos, etc. of games. However, if this: is true, I don't know that it's what I'm looking for. Is this the way to go (USB adapter) or should I look for an internal expansion card of some sort? Any ideas for something that can do that? Better resolution than "normal" TVs can provide? Thanks in advance for any ideas and help. Mouser X out.
  16. Mouser X


    I'm assuming you've already looked through all of the emulated audio places? Like, GBS, GSF, NSF, PSF, USF, VGM, GYM, etc? For GBS files, check out http://snesmusic.org/hoot/gbs/ . At the bottom, there's a link to an archive that contains, pretty much, any Gameboy music you can find. I agree though, trash80 and goto80 are some of my favorites. I'd like more links as well. Mouser X out.
  17. Want more? Check out 8-bit Peoples. They've got a ton of stuff like this (including 2 of the songs on that myspace page) in their discography section. Enjoy! Mouser X out.
  18. Great thread! Thanks for the pictures. I look forward to more good stuff. Mouser X out.
  19. Have you used the search feature? Try here. This has already been mentioned in the Wii thread (that's what I linked to above). Thanks though. Mouser X out.
  20. Megaman Legends (both) are considered crap? Really? Where? They are *EASILY* my favorite Megaman games, *EVER.* Also, the main guy to MML2 was really easy for me. Though, that might be because I had the laser cannon maxed out in every stat I could... Sure, I got beat up, but I had plenty of restoritive stuff. I'd be surprised if I spent even 5 minutes beating that boss... (I did spend about 24 hours total playing the game. There was probably a lot of time spent collecting Zenny so that I could upgrade weapons.)I *really* need to go back through, and play MML1&2 again. If only I had the time... I still haven't even finished The Misadventures of Tronn Bonne (which, while it technically takes place in the MM universe, it's the farthest thing from a MM game that I've ever seen. Missions? Hunt down items? Puzzles? Where's the big bad guys? Not a whole lot of those to be found in that game... Not complaining mind you. I thought the game was great, and very light-hearted). But yah, as far as I've ever seen, MML1&2 got decent reviews (IGN gave MML an 8.4, and MML2 got an 8.1. Even Tronn Bonne got a 7.5 from IGN. MM64 [MML ported to the N64] is the "black sheep" at a 4.5). So, I'm pretty sure this game (and series the MML series in general) doesn't belong in this thread. Mouser X out.
  21. Mouser X


    Have you considered a Gigabeat running Rockbox (It must be a Gigabeat F or X model. Rockbox doesn't work on S models yet)? Seriously, using Rockbox is the way to go. It completely and entirely bypasses the original Gigabeat firmware (minus the first 2-4 seconds of powerup). DRM? What's that? I simply hook my Gigabeat up to my PC through the USB port (don't use the cradle), and access it as though it's a hard drive. Dump music to it anyway you please, and as long as it's a format supported by Rockbox (it plays NSFs and SPCs now, if that interests you), it'll play just fine.From the day I got my Gigabeat, I have never seen the original firmware (minus the time I very first started it up, to install Rockbox while in USB mode. As such, I never saw what the actual player stuff looks like, or how it functions), or used any software that came with the unit. If you're against the Gigabeat simply on principle (it supports DRM, out of the box), then that's your thing. Personally though, I think you're missing out. I know you specifically said not to recommend a Gigabeat. However, when running Rockbox, it's a completely different story, in my opinion. However, if as I said, you're concerned about the fact that the unit under default conditions supports DRM, then I can see how it would still apply, since it would give the guise that you're supporting DRM by having the unit. Even so, I think you're just limiting yourself with a view like that. Not only that, but battery life is really good too. I've gotten about 15 hours of straight, non-stop use out of it, and others have gotten about 20. Hopefully this gives you something to think about. If not, at least you know about Rockbox, and how useful it can be, as long as you get a player that Rockbox supports. If you don't know what Rockbox is, look it up. If you do, then sorry to have wasted your time. Mouser X out.
  22. I'm well aware of the SAT format that they create when you transfer files to it. Guess what? I've never used the software, or firmware, that comes with the unit. As soon as I got it, I installed Rockbox, and never bothered with anything else. It works great, so I have no need that I can think of for ever using the original software or firmware. You're right though. Their SAT stuff does suck. However, you can "remove" their DRM stuff using a simple workaround. Connect the Gigabeat in WMP10 mode (or, whatever it is), and when browsing the unit, they're show up as MP3s. When you transfer them back to your PC, it transfers at USB 1.1 speeds, but you can get your files back that way. However, I think it's transcoding them back to MP3. At least, from what I've heard anyway, this works. As I said, I never gave my unit the chance to create SAT files, so I have no reason to attempt to transfer SATs back to MP3s. If you have a Gigabeat F, I can't think of any reason not to use Rockbox. Some people have even gotten 20 hours of runtime on one charge using Rockbox (though, that's definitely not the norm. 15-17 hours is). Basically, in regards to Rockbox, I strongly recommend the Gigabeat as the way to go. Sure, Rockbox will run on iPods and iRivers, but the Gigabeat has them beat in CPU power. The potential for the unit is pretty nice. Anyway, I just wanted to point out that SAT encryption is an unimportant concern for Gigabeat users that run Rockbox. Mouser X out.
  23. I got a Toshiba Gigabeat F, and I'm running Rockbox on it (it doesn't run on the Gigabeat S at all, yet. But, check it out. It does run on a good selection of portable players). It's great. It plays almost any format of music I want (including NSF and SPC, with patches [you'd need to compile these yourself]). I can even play Gameboy, and Gameboy Color games on it. Someone even ported Doom to Rockbox, so there's that as well. Honestly though, the extras (GB/C, Doom, what have you) aren't what intersts me. Its the functionality, and expandability of Rockbox that got me. It can play just about anything I want. Really, it comes down to this. Rockbox allows me to use my player the way I want to use it. The nice thing about the Gigabeat is that it's a really powerful system, for being a portable player. I don't know anything about the Creative line of players, so I don't have much to say about them. However, the Gigabeat is great. I'd suggest that, if you want to run Rockbox, that you at least look into it. Good luck on your decision though. Mouser X out.
  24. Someone asked about games that have "dynamic music" in them. There's quite a few for the N64 that do. Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, Ocarina of Time, Paper Mario (I could be wrong on that one), Yoshi's Story (Is that the right name?), and a few others. Check USF Central, and check out some of the USF sets there. Often, teh "dynamic" games don't have tags yet, so check the preliminary section. For the most part, it's as Tricklozen said. They add to the original song additional instruments. For example, in Banjo-Kazooie, there's many dynamic tracks. In the game, the song changes, depending where on the map/playfield you are. However, in the USF set, all the instruments from the entire area are played simultaneously. This is why dynamic USF sets are often untagged. To get "proper" songs, you need to track down each individual instrument, and turn it on, or off, depending on the song you're trying to get. It's a lot of work to track that stuff down, and shut it off properly. So, yes, sequenced based music is helpful for dynamic tracks, since it's usually easier to implement it that way. Though, with enough software/CPU power, you could do Tricklozen's method, and combine new segments into the song. Anyway, I just wanted to point out some games that use dynamic tracks, as well as a little background info on how they work (depending on the game). Mouser X out.
  25. I've got a list of links available for Twilight Princess music. Look here. There's over 100 songs among those links. I think it's over 3 hours of audio. Some of the recordings are less than steller (those in the "lots of twilight princess music" file), but it's pretty decent, for the time being. Also, for the first link in the Pastebin link, you'll need Winamp and in_cube to play the files. The second link in the Pastebin link is the same as the first, except in MP3 form (the first link supports infinite looping, the second doesn't). Please enjoy. At the time that I gather all those links, that was everything that I'd found. Mouser X out.
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