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  1. Oh, well, don't be shy! The forums aren't that bad, I think.

  2. You aren't Nienna, are you? I always see you online but you never post!

  3. You are awesome so far, Brian Spackle. Welcome to OCReMix.

  4. Hey, Justin! What's up? We've missed you on IRC! Please stop by sometime and say hi. :)

  5. Hey there! Why aren't you ever on IRC?

  6. Hey, Prophecy. Remember me?

  7. All these people praising you about your sig! And I was the one who told you about it! I'm here to soak up the credit now.

  8. Oh, you're still alive! And well I looked at your Facebook and you like David Lynch and Kannazuki no Miko, so like you're 20× more awesome than I remembered.

  9. Hé! Are you still loaded with music equipment you don't use or have you started making stuff since I was last around?

  10. Am I? I'm a December baby though, so in my experience I'm usually almost not!

  11. Hey, Vig. Do you still go to Berklee?

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