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  1. All these people praising you about your sig! And I was the one who told you about it! I'm here to soak up the credit now.

  2. Am I? I'm a December baby though, so in my experience I'm usually almost not!

  3. Hé! Are you still loaded with music equipment you don't use or have you started making stuff since I was last around?

  4. Hey there! Why aren't you ever on IRC?

  5. Hey, Justin! What's up? We've missed you on IRC! Please stop by sometime and say hi. :)

  6. Hey, Prophecy. Remember me?

  7. Hey, Vig. Do you still go to Berklee?

  8. Oh, well, don't be shy! The forums aren't that bad, I think.

  9. Oh, you're still alive! And well I looked at your Facebook and you like David Lynch and Kannazuki no Miko, so like you're 20× more awesome than I remembered.

  10. You aren't Nienna, are you? I always see you online but you never post!

  11. You are awesome so far, Brian Spackle. Welcome to OCReMix.

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