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  1. Great guitar solos throughout I could never really imagine this as a guitar piece, but it works really well
  2. For the record, the start of this had me crying. It's so very beautiful. The transition into the second section seems a bit forced, but once you get used to it it's as painfully beautiful as the first part. Well done
  3. This is fantastic I adore the dynamics, they really make this emotive and ambient. Especially towards the end. Great job, keep it up
  4. **insert emotional sobbing here** The first time I heard this mix it made me stand still and drop what I was doing to listen. Unfortunately I was chopping vegetables with a very sharp knife. This mix is lovely and emotionally powerful, with a beautiful oboe cut-through. I especially like the fade of the first part of the tune. The harmony also works very well, although it could probably be developed more as it kinda disappears behind the melody. As do the strings at the start. Apart from that (and that was only my very poor opinion) it's a lovely remix Thank you for calming down my playlist
  5. I have to admit that this remix is what finally encouraged me to stop lurking and join the forums. I really want to congratulate destructo on creating a superb remix that even my brother likes, although he's heard it many times by now The style of the piece is beautiful, incorperating all the aspects of the original while adapting to a lovely new style. I now feel content to sneer on the original . The subtle changes throughout the piece take away the monotony of the original, and the interactions between the instruments work very well Again, well done . 10 thumbs up:)
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