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  1. Not a bad track, although I wish he had found some way to combine the two sections somehow -- the break in the middle isn't really necessary if a decent transition was performed instead of silence. My only real complaint is the beginning, remixing the intro to Metroid. From what I recall of the original, it didn't play "Twinkle Twinkle" with the high-pitched tweets like it's done here. Maybe that's just part of the Remixing process, but I found it a bit unsettling none the less.
  2. My first impression of this track was, When did Joe Satriani start doing remixes? I haven't heard slashing like that since the G3 tour! The guitar work in this remix is unbelievable, and if that's all there was then this would still be one of the best remixes of all time. To complement the excellent ax grinding is a perfectly arranged synth layer, which ties the wild guitar riffs in with the tight, solid drum beat into one complete package. I wasn't familiar with the original track before this, but going back and comparing the two you can really see how much extra work went into this. S
  3. At first, I was a bit worried -- I'm a big fan of the Wild Arms soundtrack (my first homemade MP3 was the Title soundtrack recorded from an actual Playstation), and there are a lot of subtleties that might get lost in translation. It's an atmosphere game, and if not done right a remix could be disconcerting. I didn't catch the hook right away -- the baseline is nice and clean, but it wasn't enough to catch my attention. Then the piano began, and lead into the flutes which stayed true to the original, and was a nice change but didn't really excite me. Then, at 1:02, the bottom drops out. The
  4. I wanted to like this song. I really did. In fact, I'm still *trying* -- I've moved it onto my MP3 player so I can listen to it on the way to work. It's just .... you know when you see a painting done by a high-school art student? You see the theme...you can make out the details...but the polish just isn't there? The sloppy brushtrokes take away rather than add to the effect of the work? Same difference. It was a brilliant idea -- very Apocalyptica (And I prefer their stuff to the real thing for some songs!) It's just the little details that keep getting in the way of the final result.
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