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  1. The intro reminds me a LOT of "Call of Ktulu" by Metallica (before you say anything, YES, Metallica spelled it that way), which is good because I love that song. Overall a great mix.
  2. The 1-Up tune at 1:18 is a nice touch! Overall, a nice weird mix of techno and metal IMO.
  3. Love it so much, though you could have made it a little louder. Oh, and I know you're getting a lot of emails along the same vein as this, but: sheet music plz.
  4. Wow. Just freakin' wow. I never thought I'd see a mix that could change genres so totally and yet seamlessly. I love the piano toward the beginning (what is that, the theme of the first village you're in? I haven't played this in so long, so I can't pick out most of the songs, but that doesn't detract from how much I love it. I can tell Stan's theme, the intro, the Mad Monkey, and LeChuck's theme, what are the rest?). Stan's part is too perfect, with the organ intro followed up with it sounding just as you'd expect. Oh, and the various parts of LeChuck's theme are great too. The beginn
  5. Hasn't hurt Ron Jeremy's career any... And the two really do somewhat resemble each other. Think about it......well, actually, it's probably best if you don't. FARK once linked to some pictures of Ron Jeremy dressed as Mario (FULLY CLOTHED, SAFE FOR WORK, ETC). I'll see if I can find them... And yeah, the ReMix was funny as hell.
  6. I like it. A lot. My only complaint is that it gets a little too... simplistic toward the end. I like the part immediately after the intro, how it has that air-wrench-sounding thing, and I like the short little NES-esque part, but it could use a little more harmony or beats or something toward the end.
  7. Great mix. More words would complicate this review needlessly. For some reason, I can't put any of goat's mixes on my Minidisc. It says it doesn't support the file format. Any help?
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