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  1. The only thing [remotely/possibly] missing is a "COMPLETE" shouted at the end, because DjjD hit all 10 targets with this one!
  2. I personally use this mix to test out any sound system i have or am about to use, it has wonderful deep bass, and hits the tweets well and it also makes for a great opener for concerts if anyone thought about that - great work:smile:
  3. Requesting that the music from 'Doom Castle' within this game be remixed into a further rock styled song, (Sixto Sounds if you can hear me!!!)... Also, If someone is looking for an idea for a softer song to remix from this game, I suggest using 'Temple' music - this could be made with female lyrics (in my mind) if someone is super creative, but thinking of orchestral or piano possibly. sadly I have no music skills as far as on the computer goes...but I can email the source songs to anyone willing to try their luck at these two songs - just let me know, thanks.
  4. Great job on the mix - I was quite surprised. As far as the other song that's used here: It's found in Stage 4 - the Driving stage (which can be played through the practice mode). It's also first heard in Stage 2 when the screen stops 2 or 3 times.
  5. Fantastic way of keeping a simple rhythm all the way till the end with the eggshaker. Bassline was solid as well. Also, wonderful job blending in the different parts of the mix, using fade-outs, then bringing back sharp. Good song choice for a debut. Looking forward to your next mix.
  6. Freakin Sweet! i love nothing more than guitars of a band playing to video game music - this mix only makes it better. Great song choice too.
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