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  1. I have to ask something. Why did you pick Zue? There is plenty to like in your ReMix but I don't understand why you chose Zue. If you look in my profile you'll notice that I listed Miyoko Kobayashi as one of my Interests. She is probably my FAVORITE VGM composer. [or very close] I used to be obsessed with zue. It is rhythmically ingenius. It is 3 bars of 7 then one bar of 6. [that's the main sections] than there are 2 sections in six. The coolest thing is the way in which the sections are juxtaposed makes the 6's sound like odd time signatures. Also in the original check out the the 7/4 bassline and how it switches back and forth to 6/4. The drums are also playing a VERY original 7/4 clave that I never heard of and that BRILLIANT organ line that really spells out the rhythm construction. Zue [the original] has very little to offer in the melodic department [though the melody is phrased in a really cool manner]. It just basically hovers around ab minor but I think this was intentional on Miyoko's part since Zue was intented as a rhythmic composition. [she's capable of writing very complex harmonic stuff]. I actually Like your ReMix but I wrote all this because of the comment you made in your submission E-mail: "The original is in 6/4 or 7/4 or some weird time signature and it took a lot of manhandling of the material to get it into the 4/4 breakbeat form it's in now" The Whole point of Zue WERE the rhythmic constructions so if you go out of your way to throw those out.... basically nothing is left in the song so WHY ON EARTH DID YOU CHOSE ZUE?? One of my all time favorite songs. Please answer me. PS: I actually liked you ReMix quite a bit [once I look past your choice of source tune]
  2. This song is so god damn good and it's gotten some "it doesn't do much for me" responses. That just annoys me. Ridiculously creative and I actually liked it much more than neighburgers. 7 out of 10??? What the hell is that? Thats like a C Minus. I give it 10 out of 10. There's no such thing as perfection, but it seems to me that this song gets all of it's "points" across flawlessly. That is the equivalent of perfection when it comes to composition. This basically means that anything you didn't like about the piece is an issue of personal taste and does not reflect on the quality of the song itself.
  3. I have nothing to say about the project. I just wanted to mention that Shariq's got some hot shit!
  4. this song was brought to you by the panel, not because djp fought for it. EDIT: Thanks for not being a smartass, but I think I'll stand by what I said.
  5. This is not that fast. The only moderately difficult part of this arrangement is toward then end when you have to reach out with both pinkeys repeatedly. That requires swift wrist movement, however that is a skill that is quite easily mastered. There is definitely alot to like in this piece, however the technical skill needed to play it is not much of a selling point
  6. I enjoy this mix alot. I do not find it to be schitzophrenic... or suffering from any other mental ilness. My favorite element of this song is the sudden cut-aways to silence... or near silence. This has the effect of turning everything happening in the moment into a single instrument.... like a perverted orchestra hit. It makes what ever rhythym patterns that take place in these spots have 10 times the impact that they would normally have. Definitely one of my favorites on the site.
  7. SWEEEET!! I loves me some 7. I never heard darkesword before but I'm now going to check out all his/her stuff.
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