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  1. I really like this song. The singing is very good, the strings are extemely cool, and the paino is excellent. I really enjoyed this song.
  2. Freaken fanstastic! The bass at the beginning is sooooo cool! Awesome beats, awesome strings, awesome everything! (Man I'd really like to know how you did that sound at the beginning)
  3. Absolutely fantastic! The synths are simply amazing! Goes from an extremely soothing melody to an awesome beat around 1:00. Definetly one of my favs!
  4. Completely awesome! I think everything about it is perfect. This song has some of the coolest beats I've like... ever heard!
  5. I really like it! It's got a really cool beat to it with some pretty awesome synths. It's just a tad bit too repeatitive. Other than that... awesome song!
  6. OMG this song sounds so professional! The original Starfox had my favorite music next to Adventures, and this track is freaken awesome!
  7. Mega Man 3 is my favorite of the original Mega Mans, and the main theme was one of my favorite songs in the game. I heard this remix and almost fell out of my chair. This remix is, by far, one of THE BEST I have ever heard of any game.
  8. Holy crap! This is very very cool! I really enjoyed listening to it, specially the beat in the whole middle. (Great Song!)
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