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  1. Listening to Lush Life performed by Joe Henderson. Its sublime.
  2. I know. I go to school as a music major to be a musician and still haven't produced any material for this site. Which is surprising, since this site is partially responsible for me wanting to be a music major in the first place.
  3. 10 years already. Damn. I've been lucky to have been here for 7 of them and all the entertainment that has gone on here. The changes which were good, some of the hilarious reactions to some of them, and the growth of the site. Good 10 years. I drink to you
  4. Kind of Blue - Miles Davis Miles was a badass.
  5. Weather Report's Heavy Weather album. As much as I enjoy Wayne Shorter I am listening to it mostly for Jaco's bass playing.
  6. As the Adler and the Rimsky-Korsakov have been mentioned, another book suggestion is the Walter Piston. If your looking for other genre to learn orchestration for I don't have any ideas. Overall avoid writing parts that are out of the range of the instrument. Its much easier to play higher out of range then lower underneath. and it sounds better.
  7. Tetris is the one game I've seen many non-gamers play. It addicts the simplest person and keeps them there. Who needs complex games with fancy graphics when you got tetris?
  8. Miles Davis's album "Kind of Blue" I can always find inspiration in Miles Davis's works.
  9. Same language. Instead of being name just after the word its named after a town name "Christmas". Got to love other languages. You can name it something and most won't know a thing. I'm one of the few people I know that thinks the name for the drink chai tea is redundant because chai means tea. So thats tea tea. Correct name for that is chai masala. "spiced tea". woops I went on a little far. I'm half portuguese and I am minoring in linguistics.
  10. Giant Steps by John Coltrane Nice good hard-bop Also god music to listen to when you had your wisdom teeth removed earlier today.
  11. Natal... Its name means Christmas in Portuguese. Thats kind of lame.
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