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  1. I know. I go to school as a music major to be a musician and still haven't produced any material for this site. Which is surprising, since this site is partially responsible for me wanting to be a music major in the first place.
  2. 10 years already. Damn. I've been lucky to have been here for 7 of them and all the entertainment that has gone on here. The changes which were good, some of the hilarious reactions to some of them, and the growth of the site. Good 10 years. I drink to you
  3. As the Adler and the Rimsky-Korsakov have been mentioned, another book suggestion is the Walter Piston. If your looking for other genre to learn orchestration for I don't have any ideas. Overall avoid writing parts that are out of the range of the instrument. Its much easier to play higher out of range then lower underneath. and it sounds better.
  4. Tetris is the one game I've seen many non-gamers play. It addicts the simplest person and keeps them there. Who needs complex games with fancy graphics when you got tetris?
  5. Same language. Instead of being name just after the word its named after a town name "Christmas". Got to love other languages. You can name it something and most won't know a thing. I'm one of the few people I know that thinks the name for the drink chai tea is redundant because chai means tea. So thats tea tea. Correct name for that is chai masala. "spiced tea". woops I went on a little far. I'm half portuguese and I am minoring in linguistics.
  6. Natal... Its name means Christmas in Portuguese. Thats kind of lame.
  7. I never really knew. I got used to it after about a week.
  8. I remember how people acted when the sidebar showed up. It probably would make a lot of the older folks happier.
  9. Giant Steps is one hard song. Good job keeping up with those changes.
  10. I've been floating around OCR since late 2003. The quality of the music has improved greatly since then. Its astounding to hear the differences between mixes being released then to those being released now. However the facade of putting together professional quality work has hurt some of the fun. The older mixes often have something behind them that makes them more enjoyable. They were more casually made, and have more imperfections. The next step will be to recreate the fun of the older mixes with the quality of the newer ones. Admittedly the lack of similar communities at the moment is probably hurting some of the creativity. I am excited to see what is going to come to OCR and happy for past accomplishments.
  11. Congratulations on getting through high school and making into an university. College is a bit different from high school. If you do things right you can have a good social life, get an ample amount of sleep, and get good grades. This depends on how quickly you do homework, how much time do you really want to waste doing extra things, and how much sleep your willing to miss. For a lot of us the first thing we sacrifice is the sleep. Mostly because that's what parts of the weekend are for. Also studying is good but if its the only thing you do then your sanity will start to disappear. The time involved in classes will depend on your major. GE's are a pain in the ass and waste time but most are easy ways to raise your GPA. My major is music so my classes get more hours per unit then whats reasonable and we all overworked. however its a social major too so most of us don't sleep much. Good luck. The first year can be a bit of a shock to some.
  12. aw. now im going to have to get different wii mote condoms. Looks cool though and that does look like a port on the bottom.
  13. The Tableux is nice. I played it to get in to college, first jury, etc. Your program looks nice. best of luck to you. My first recital is still a about a year and a half away.
  14. I was looking through his deveint art, and apparently this is his response to one of our plagiarism comments. I call for massive butt rape with the Eiffel tower. The cocky little bastard is calling down the thunder.
  15. the happiest thing was when I found out this track was there. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRGDlF5FyKw
  16. Sadly many people don't grow out of it. I'm in college and there is many people like that. Sadly I have people like that for roommates.
  17. Apparently grammar is not this guys strong point because look at his spliced in copyright. Seriously if your going to mess with other people's stuff do it right.
  18. If we can find and contact everyone he has stole from then we can makes this a very nice attack on the little plagiarizer. Seriously, this 14 year old just messed with the wrong people.
  19. One of my friends said it sucked assbutt but I haven't seen it. Don't know really what to think.
  20. CD keys....Torrenting for all your pirating needs. lol
  21. Ice Titan took me a while I had to go off and level and come back. I couldn't beat Seph on KH, but KH2 I raped him in under thirty secs. Trinity limit, berserk rage rise and repeat.
  22. Considering I had to figure out how to work as many attacks in as possible other wise I'd still get 1 hit Ko'd. I can't repeat that run through and I never want to again.
  23. My first time I played it I knew somewhat what to expect and many of the bosses in the arena I could deal with mostly because I had 3 chars with max str. of course the ones you needed magic to kill I was utterly screwed. I went a little overboard playing that game.
  24. mines a nickname the drummer in my high school's jazz band gave me my freshman year. It sorta stuck and I use it virtually everywhere. My first name's Hershel(I am not jewish and I'm tired of everyone thinking I am) so its kinda easy to figure out.
  25. HershDawg


    The band who did the soundtrack for FLCL is The Pillows. They are really good. I have virtually all their cds on my comp.
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