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  1. hey how about a "finish a piece you didn't get to finish for other submissions" month
  2. yea I don't know what you're talking about, the Richard episode was probably my most favorite episode
  3. ordered off of amazon because of this post. tax free, shipping free, and 20 bucks towards another game, but now I gotta wait 5 to something business days. Which is okay, because I don't need it distracting me during finals
  4. simon should be a green lantern
  5. this, but manga doesn't result in flashbacks (if the anime had any, I forgot) also watch gurren lagann. was someone asking for recommendations? I just saw a bunch of "samurai champloo is awesome" so I'm just assuming. If there's one thing in the world that can defeat goku, it's gurren lagann
  6. she ended the rumors even more with her Tele-edit: oh post has been made already original version had her jump up on the bars and straight up put her naked cooch right in the camera
  7. See, with fan made movies, you can't really say it sucks because you double think yourself and realize it was a fan made movie. But you still want to say it sucks. Honestly, I had a lot more fun watching the Super Mario Bros. movie. I enjoyed the Super Mario Bros. movie mainly because I knew from the get-go that it wasn't going to be faithful, and that it knew how to keep things at a slightly professional level. With the Mega Man movie, it's incredibly tough to stay faithful without making it seem, I don't know, lame? Throughout most of the movie I felt like it was just too boring and expected. The Metal Gear Awesome cameo and the inclusion of sprites from the actual game just seemed tacky. The thing is, it tried hard to be what a professional film is, but kept the parts that make it obviously fan-made. That's probably what's bugging me most about this film. It's tons better than an average fan-made movie, but it hit that middle area where it seemed more like a really badly written, poorly acted C-list movie. But it's a fan-made video, so I can't really say anything, can I.
  8. I just got a job at my local comic store and I'll be working that day, giving out the comics It's like working Black Friday at a retail store, only a much smaller attendance and I get to look at comics all day
  9. I'm not saying your side is right wrong. Video was funny But I really do not like that Youtube-style-cut-to-next-part-of-the-sentence type of transition.
  10. Should I have typed "work in progress"? I assumed people would already get that
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