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  1. I think Pixie is just trying to take advantage of the situation and using the Garagegames lady for her own personal gain... -Collab
  2. Hahahahahahahh...hah..ha. Oh dear lord. -The Collab
  3. This song put a smile on my face this evening, because it was the first time I realized that remixing is not about improving upon the original, but rather about fucking it up in whatever way you can. That's exactly what this song does. It takes one of the best songs of the entire series and slaughters it with some of the worst guitar, effects, and synths that have ever existed. Which is also what all of Project X seems to be about. Projects are all the rave these days here at OC. And this is still another one of them. The only problem is that none of these projects have been worthy of meri
  4. I am as disgusted with this song as I am with the people who let it pass. I don't know if it's the missing notes, or maybe the ones done off-key, hell it could even be the wrong octaves being used, but one of them drives me insane. Most remixers dare not touch FFT's soundtrack because it is both impossible to improve upon, and also extremely difficult to remix electronically, due to it being entirely symphonic. Songs like this reinforce that fact, and it is a disgrace to the game, the composer, and this website. -Collab
  5. Mustin, Since you're playing the role of teacher, allow me to play the role of "Goth-boy who plays Doom and wants to kill everyone with his father's shotgun". Now, here is the dialogue as follows: Mustin: Ok class, today we're going to discuss musics, specifically why my opinions on music are all that matter, and we'll also cover why I know everything about everything worth knowing. Little girl: Can I go to the bafroom? Mustin: omfg shut your fuckin ass up and sit the fuck down before I pull down my pants and assrape your father Some dude: You don't know shit you fuckin cockgoblin! Mustin: Ok,
  6. I enjoyed this game tremendously and it sucks that I still haven't added it to my library. Made this song using Reason 1.0. -Collab
  7. This song is the Megaman medley to end all, Protricity is godly when it comes to this stuff. Of course, the other version was better But, oh well, anything is better than nothing. Good job! Kickass! OMFG AWP C4MPER BASTARD!
  8. The stage select song from X4 was rather short (well, long compared to the others), but it was also imho the best of all the megaman games (stage select themes). I'm glad to see such a good remix of this song, as Terra does nothing but improve upon it. Sure, it gets repetitive, but that's to be expected, as the real song isn't long at all either. Good stuff. -Collab
  9. Good stuff, keep it coming, megaman forever! -Collab
  10. All I can say is that when I was listening to this song, my anus began to bleed and I discovered that my spoon was too big. Whether that means it kicked ass or not, I have no idea. Keep reaching for that rainbow! -Collab
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