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  1. I dunno about the quotes as a comprehensive thing. Sure, Magus says some interesting stuff, but other people don't. Like Pac-Man? The idea of a "defining quote" for Pac-Man is almost incompatible with the idea of defining Pac-Man.
  2. Dude that one orchestral mix could have been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better with a real orchestra.
  3. I sent him like a billion e-mails before reading about his personal troubles. As long as he gets me my controllers in the end, I hope he takes all the time he needs and sunnier skies shine on him soon.
  4. Dude, you're doing fine. You wrote all the front page stuff and keep it updated, you're active in discussing things with us; you're doing pretty much everything a coordinator should be doing. Don't beat yourself up over doing a pretty good job. The reason the project is moving slowly is because nobody is writing. I talked to some fans of certain games like The Coop, but he's the only one who even responded, much less actually do work for it (w00t w00t it's The Coop The Coop). All those people at the beginning of the thread are MIA. I get a feeling that people generally don't know about the project. I think people are under the misconception that the project is either dead or complete. One thing we might want to do is systematically contact all the people who initially offered to work on the project and just tell them that we could, indeed, use their help. If we want to finish the project by the end of the summer, we'll need more people than just Dafydd, watkinzez, and me (especially considering all of the final work like editing). Wow, long post. In sum, I feel that the project is healthy, just inert right now. We're doing good work considering we have lives in addition to it. We need more people doing good work. And here's a funny picture since this post is already massive.
  5. I think the guitar sounds fine. The song is based generally on synthesis rather than real instruments, so the guitar fits better even though it isn't real. My heavy metal arrangement of the same song, for instance, probably won't sound as good until I get better at sequencing, but this works. I like it. It's a little conservative, except for the solo, but it's not a bad thing. The atmosphere is probably the most memorable thing about this song. It has a good feel.
  6. I should qualify: I never played Silent Hill. I suppose the razor wire flying up from hell idea isn't completely original or fascinating. But overall, damn. I didn't think it could be done (in light of Super Mario Bros., Final Fantasy, etc.).
  7. I'm floored: the first video game movie I've seen that didn't blow any significant chunks.
  8. Hey folks. Update! I've been talking to The Coop, and it looks like he's soon going to post some pieces covering the Darkstalkers series. He's written several, and is currently editing them in the little spare time he has what with college. Keep your eyes peeled for 'em, and thank him for eking out time for the project.
  9. I don't think that there's anyone alive at ZTNet. I sent them four e-mails and my order is still "awaiting payment." EDIT: Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one, at least. It's annoying as hell.
  10. Well, it is The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker... Nice bios.
  11. I think I'll remove the part about Frog being Glenn. If we know enough about a character to spoil it for others, we probably know enough about what we would and would not want spoiled by an OCR Bio. Now, I'm still on Disc 1 of FF7, and I know Aeris is going to die. I'm annoyed, but as Gabe of Penny Arcade said, "there's a statute of limitations on this shit, man." Same with Samus Aran being a woman. Game's pushing twenty years old; it's okay to reveal some stuff. So I guess my take is use the Golden Rule.
  12. I've tried to keep out anything that's not in the first hour or so of the game. So for Terra's bio I said that she is the first to use magic in a long time but I omitted that she's half-Esper. A consistent rule wouldn't hurt, though. EDIT: My Frog bio reveals way, way more than my Terra bio, I just realized. I too would like to know our policy on spoilers.
  13. Oh, just checked my PMs. Man, they're really serious about this stuff. But hey, if DJP's gonna send me money through my (cha-ching) personal Verisign account, fuck all that stuff I prattled on about up there: money for Lin for the WIN! Okay, I'm back on the project everybody.
  14. So, I see now that they're charging money for mixes. I'm having qualms about my free contribution to a site that is no longer providing its benefits for free. I'm afraid that I must ask that none of my bios be included with the OCR Mascot Bio Project. I'm just not comfortable with it, and I am most certainly not DJP's fool who would work for nothing while he reaps huge profits. Thanks to all of the fans of my writing for your support throughout these past months. I'm truly sorry that you will not have the privilege of seeing the splendor of my words incorporated into the glory that used to be the not-for-profit OC ReMix. I'm also sorry to Dafydd and the rest of the project for setting you back, and I will miss the opportunity to work with you. Perhaps if DJP gets his act together and changes this subscription business I will consider returning to the project. However currently I must bid it adieu. BTW, if you'd like to keep my bios on the forums for reference and inspiration (I'll admit how fantastic I am at writing), feel free to do so. Just keep it honest.
  15. Dear OverClocked ReMix: JOIN OUR DAMN PROJECT. Yeah, no more Lin bios for a while. Sorry!
  16. *shrug* I thought so, but I'm not very far in the game yet. Not biological?
  17. Barret Wallace Square-Enix 1997 A father and freedom fighter, Barret Wallace is perhaps the most boisterous character in Final Fantasy VII. Barret was born in the mining town Corel, where Shinra, Inc. decided to build a Mako Reactor to the dismay of the villagers. This later led to a conflict between Barret and Shinra's troops in which Barret lost both his wife and his right arm. By the time the game begins, Barret has moved to the metropolis of Midgar with his daughter Marlene and replaced his severed limb with a special machine gun. There he leads a resistance to Shinra called AVALANCHE. Upon hiring the mercenary Cloud Strife for a bombing mission, Barret secures his involvement in the game's enormous struggle. Barret is large in both body and spirit. His temper is markedly short and his words are rarely subtle: he says plainly and loudly what he means whenever he feels inclined to say it. However, his caring for his daughter is just as energetic and straightforward, and his dedication to his comrades is as indomitable as his ire. Appearances: Final Fantasy VII (1997) Sources: Gamemanuals.net - Final Fantasy VII manual Final Fantasy Shrine's FF7 section Final Fantasy VII Online Wikipedia's Barret Wallace page
  18. This game looks really dumb. Ulala Sega 1999 In Space Channel 5, an band of space aliens called the Morolians invades Earth by forcing the populace, through use of a strange ray gun, to dance uncontrollably. The television news service Space Channel 5 sends its last unaffected reporter, Ulala, to report on the invasion. After her seniors are afflicted by the invaders' compelling rays, the 22-year-old Ulala is promoted to the network's investigative reporting team. In hopes of demonstrating her journalistic potential, she travels to Spaceport 9, the location of the first incident of imposed dancing. There she must accurately imitate the Morolians' dance moves, which forms the basis of the game. Appearances: Space Channel 5 (1999) Space Channel 5 Special Edition (2003) Space Channel 5: Ulala's Cosmic Attack (2003) Sources: Gamemanuals.net - Space Channel 5 manual Wikipedia's Space Channel 5 page GameFAQs.com's Space Channel 5 Special Edition page Other Links: spacechannel5.org fansite
  19. Cloud Strife Square-Enix 1997 Cloud Strife is the protagonist of Final Fantasy VII. He is a reserved young man of 21 years whose business is fighting. Before the game's story begins, Cloud was employed by Shinra, Inc. as a member of its elite military force called SOLDIER. During his time in this group, he trained his way to become a first-class fighter who is devastating with his impossibly huge "Buster Sword." Eventually he quit SOLDIER and became a mercenary, using his military training on odd jobs. The game begins with Cloud on a mission with AVALANCHE, a small group of rebels resisting the operations of Shinra. The group hires Cloud to help them fight their way into one of Shinra's Mako Reactors and explode it with a bomb from within. Cloud's involvement with AVALANCHE leads him into an ever-expanding conflict, resurrecting many dark issues from his past, that forms the main of Final Fantasy VII's plot. Cloud, at the game's outset, speaks only when necessary and in a flat, harsh tone. He seems to care little for sentiment and prioritizes himself and his work over most anything else. The darkness of his personality compliments the dark mood that characterizes the game in general. Appearances: Final Fantasy VII (1997) Sources: Gamemanuals.net - Final Fantasy VII manual Wikipedia's Final Fantasy VII page Other Links: Final Fantasy VII Online IMDb's Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children page Square-Enix's official Final Fantasy VII site
  20. Yes, yes, of course. Now it's done. Is it OK?
  21. Nuh-yeece. Yeah, I've never even seen a NeoGeo.
  22. Alright, it's on now, sucker. [/securing defeat due to time constraints] Pac-Man Namco 1980 Pac-Man is the character controlled by players of the singularly popular arcade game Pac-Man. He is a spherical yellow man with an apparent ability to eat without limit. In this game, Pac-Man traverses circuitous mazes while eating small, white pellets and being chased by four brightly-colored ghosts. Pac-Man's character has not been much developed, which can be expected from the game's capitalization on action and puzzle-solving rather than story. However, he is revealed in the arcade game Ms. Pac-Man (released by Midway without authorization from Namco) to have a romantic interest of the same name as well as a child, both of whom are round, yellow people like him. In Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures, Pac-Man's various moods play a role in gameplay. In Pac-Man World, Pac-Man travels to one Ghost Island to rescue his friends from a nemesis called Toc-Man. The original Pac-Man is among the most widely-played video games ever made. Many who play no other video games have played Pac-Man at some point. This is arguably due to the universal accessibility of its gameplay. Whatever the source of its popularity, Pac-Man is for many people a definitive video game. Some Primary Appearances: Pac-Man (1980) Ms. Pac-Man (1981) Super Pac-Man (1982) Pac-Attack (1993) Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures (1994) Pac-Man World (1999) Pac-Man World 2 (2002) Pac-Man World 3 (2005) Sources: Wikipedia's Pac-Man page Gamemanuals.net - Pac-Man World manual Other Links: The 1st Church of Pac-Man GameSpot's "The History of Pac-Man" Wow I thought that would be easier.
  23. Folks, calm down. Old video game music is not something to get in painful arguments about. My normal friends make fun of me for this sort of thing. The swiftness with which this song was put together shows a little. I can't put my finger on what it is, and that's because it's such a good piece. Good mixing and composition in the first sense of the word: the pieces fit together nicely and create a full soundscape. It sounds like there are some minute gaps in that fullness, but it's more subjective than anything I could name. Now, more importantly, it's a nice, warm, little vocal version of Lava Reef Zone. That's from a video game, did I mention that? Does it really matter how good you think the vocals are when they are obviously sufficient to make a vocal version of Lava Reef Zone? We've grown accustomed to the idea of game remixes, but take a step back, cool your jets, and realize what how cool that is.
  24. I'll leave you I-No, then, since I'm a huge fan of the music but never actually played the game. And I like how Bridget looks in the avatar. I think all of my bios are now complete content-wise (i.e. links to companies and extra interesting links). But they certainly are not stylistically constistent. Bleh. I'm getting bio-ed out. But it's okay, I'm not ditchin the project: I have to beat watkinzez, after all.
  25. Thanks, Dafydd. As soon as spring break's over, I'll probably generally disappear again, so I'm hitting it hard this week. I'll do what I can in the coming weeks. Terra Branford Square-Enix 1994 Terra is arguably the primary character in Final Fantasy VI. She is the first person naturally capable of magic since the apocalyptic War of the Magi years before the game's story begins. As such she represents a time of change and turmoil. Her rare ability to use magic interests the Empire, and the imperial army attempts to control her power for its own ends. She is enslaved in both body and mind and made into a Magitek knight: a soldier who operates a machine (called Magitek armor) infused with manufactured magical power. During this time, until one of the first scenes of the game, Terra is without a friend and without the feelings of a proper human. In this early scene, Terra reacts powerfully to a magical being called an Esper and the army's locks upon her mind break. She is confused, as she has for so long been without her own thoughts and free will. This confusion about her feelings, magnified by other parts of her nature revealed piecemeal throughout the story, is an important personal struggle for Terra. It tests and shapes her spirit as she fights the Empire with a resistance group called the Returners, which are some of the only friends she has ever known. Appearances: Final Fantasy VI Sources: Final Fantasy VI Walkthrough by Atom Edge (hosted on GameFAQs) Wikipedia's Terra page Final Fantasy VI Online Gamemanuals.net - Final Fantasy III (U.S. release of FFVI) manual
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