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  1. Fixed. Mention to djpretzel that we've strived to do professional work and that after a long wait and much passionate labor, we think that this project would be a fine addition to OCR. Or something like that, if, of course, you guys agree.
  2. I did everything you mentioned, Polo, except - I made every reference "Bonus kun" instead of "Bonus Kun" because that's what appears on the game screen in Waku Waku 7 - I omitted the reference to Jr. Pac-man because a scene in Ms. Pac-man shows the couple receiving a tiny Pac-child from a stork Here it is: Batch 41-50 + Otacon
  3. Evolution: The World of Sacred Device and its sequel have some fabulous music. The advantage battle theme is some of the most spirited music that I know of. The Grandia Xtreme soundtrack might have some poor tunes, but its battle theme "Combat 1" is a memorably clever piece.
  4. I'm home, just so everyone knows. Are you guys done or should I look at anything? If Larry doesn't respond, we might drop DJP a line.
  5. Over the summer, I glanced at GameTrailers.com and was a bit miffed to see the first page tiled with nothing but grisly FPSs and cutsie, Japanese abstractions. It could be that my memory is inaccurate, but I agree with the author of that passage: video games on the whole used to be more lively than they are today. I don't play independent games, but maybe I should get into them, considering the state of the mainstream. I've abhorred Flash games because they always feel shallow--I played "Bowman" with a friend in high school to kill time, but I'd never play it in favor of a richer experience like Smash Bros. From what I hear, though, such games do seem to be maturing, and I probably shouldn't write them off so quickly anymore.
  6. Good techno etc. is composed thoughtfully, though. There's stuff that was obviously written only to hear while drunk on the dancefloor, and then there's deeper stuff that I can listen to on its own merit. I think you can "get" certain trance pieces outside of the club context.
  7. Are you referring to the definition of song involving something that is sung? I've tried to stop misusing the term too, substituting "piece" most often. There should be a more specific term, I think, but I don't know what it is. I thought "Chala" was just a single of his. Single discs usually have alternative versions of the piece on them, so I'll bet that's the deal with the "this-or-that mix" naming scheme. If he liked the piece enough to publicly name his arrangement after the original, why didn't he mention it anywhere? It's as if that Kanye West version of "Harder Better Faster Stronger" had no mention of Daft Punk beside it.
  8. It's a well-made piece all the way through, I think. The main section, though, contains both the melody and harmony of "Schala's Theme." It's a little disconcerting not to see mention of an outside composer. He did mention it in the title, which shows that he's aware of where it came from. Maybe it's mentioned in the liner notes somewhere. Anyway, we all know. People who know game music or played Chrono Trigger probably know too.
  9. Okay. I misunderstood. That sounds like a much better situation. I agree that you don't need my help to finish, now that I understand that we're still generally on the same page as far as our expectations of the editing process. However, I will be back home in about a week and a half, and then I can help with anything that needs doing.
  10. Hi guys. It has been three months since I posted my edited bios. I edited the first fifty, and Polo generously shouldered the responsibility for the latter one hundred. Three months ago what I thought of as "the editing process" was complete. Currently you're going over all of the text again and are nearly "done" with the first thirty. Since there are 150 bios, that leaves 120 still to go over. If you continue as you have and peruse 30 bios every three months, you will be finished one year from today. The project will have lasted three and a half years. I do not want to be part of an endless editing cycle. I will not consider helping you edit any further unless djpretzel has specific issues that he wants addressed (or some similar circumstance that impedes the completion and implementation of our work). I encourage you to, at least, take what we have and run it by Larry or DJP before you assume that it needs more work. I did my editing job well--I made sure that there were no passages that severely detracted from communication--and I trust that Polo did as well. Doing it again is a waste of time.
  11. Man, that was cool. I was waiting for the kick and then the pad turned into it. The textures were really interesting and nice. It's good to hear from you again, Rayza.
  12. I'm looking for a CD player with an unusual feature: I want to set it up to stop playing after every track. That is, I specifically want it not to automatically play through the whole CD as most players do. It looks like Numark sells DJ equipment with this capability, so the feature exists somewhere, at least. I was wondering if anybody has experience with this sort of player and could recommend something to buy. The Numark CDMIX 1 seems like an affordable option, but I'm not a DJ and don't know, for instance, if it's crap. Along that line, I don't really need a DJ rig with two players, so if anybody knows of a more domestic product, I'm interested in that as well.
  13. Agreed. That's correct. When editing I realized I have a primal desire to italicize titles, especially if they're truncated as you say. I savored every opportunity. Agreed. My reasoning on the different company names was historical precision; FFX was made by Squaresoft, Star Ocean was made by Enix, and Kingdom Hearts was made by Square Enix. I'm not wedded to the idea, though. Important message to all project folks: I'm off to Germany in three days, and it may be a number of weeks before I have time and internet access sufficient to be part of this project again. I'll defer to the group on all decisions until I am once again in a position to discuss them. So, Dafydd and watkinzez, if you want anyone's critical eye to balance Polo's as we finish editing, it has to be one of yours. I'm sure Polo can do a fine job, but I'm no longer available for Polo to bounce ideas off of. You've got my editing work in that text file, so you shouldn't need much more out of me. Good luck!
  14. The DKC quote is good, I think. The Toyota shouldn't be speaking. The Prince's quote I checked on some other sites; it seems as if he actually says it at some point, but it seems out of character, and putting it beside the bio seems contradictory as Polo said. I like your quote changes, Polo. They're exactly the sorts of things I was thinking of.
  15. kthx. Does the problem lie in the sounds and mixing of the instruments (which seem good), or is it that the file is muffled or otherwise not mastered correctly?
  16. Is that guy's submission really unacceptable on the basis of sound quality? From a color and soundscape perspective it sounds pretty good. Of course, it's at a low sample and bit rate, so I can't tell if it's a bad record or just a bad file.
  17. WHAT'S THIS? (oh shit.) Feel free to peruse this. I edited the hell out of it, so it should be pristine. But, of course, you never know. lots...of work...
  18. Otacon Article: Linearity Pictured from: Metal Gear Solid 4 Created by: Konami First appearance: 1998 --- Bio --- Deep within an Alaskan nuclear weapons disposal facility during the events of Metal Gear Solid, Solid Snake meets an unexpectedly helpful accomplice. He calls himself "Otacon," though his real name is Hal Emmerich. His sobriquet is a proud testament to his passion for Japanese animation, having derived from the Japanese cartoon festival called Otakon. When Snake meets him Otacon is an employee of ArmsTech, Inc., a weapons manufacturing firm, and he is being held captive by terrorists who have taken control of the compound. He is the lead engineer in ArmsTech's project to build a walking tank. When joining the project, however, Otacon did not realize that this weapon, which reminded him of the fantastic machines in his beloved anime, was secretly a revolutionary platform for launching nuclear weapons: the third incarnation of Metal Gear, called Metal Gear REX. Otacon is shocked and troubled when his work's true nature is revealed to him. He resolves to help Snake fight the terrorists and prevent them from using Metal Gear REX to launch an unstoppable nuclear weapon into the United States. Although he is a far cry from a soldier, Otacon's knowledge of his own dark creation proves invaluable to Snake in attempting to stop it. Two years after Metal Gear Solid, Otacon and Snake work together as part of Philanthropy, an organization devoted to abolishing all forms of Metal Gear. The plans for the bipedal terror proliferate on the black market after the incident in Alaska, and Metal Gear Solid 2 begins with Snake and Otacon working to expose an amphibious Metal Gear variant operated by the U.S. Marines. --- Quote --- "What's with these guys? It's like one of my Japanese animes!" --- Appearances --- PlayStation Metal Gear Solid PlayStation 2 Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty --- References --- replacementdocs - Metal Gear Solid instruction manual Metal Gear Solid: The Unofficial Site >> Hal Emmerich ~ Otacon Cyberpunk Review - "Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty"
  19. The way I see it... 1. Quotations like "Whoa" and "Hi there" are not quotations worth mentioning. Moreover if a character, like Link and the Doom Trooper, does not really speak, I don't think that we should publish a so-called quotation from them. That's all, really. I thought of other things but those are true nitpicks, so I removed them. But I find unsavory the idea of quoting Kirby as saying "*inhales*". Oh, and get ready...
  20. It was actually SOA2 that tipped me off. If you ever hear about that, you've either died an gone to heaven or you're being lied to.
  21. That's fascinating. I wonder if the guitar playing the first minute is tuned that way. I'll have to play around with that tuning. This brings up an interesting point: do you need to know how to play an instrument to properly transcribe music written for it? I was thinking that it may be important for "polyphonic" instruments such as pianos, guitars, and accordions but less important for instruments with a single clear note, like a flute or trumpet.
  22. At first I thought you were crazy, but now I hear it; it's really subtle. I still think that I hear chords, though. What else could be making that strumming sound? There is definitely a slow strum at 0:58, and I think that the guitar is doing something percussive underneath those subtle melody notes. Edit: I think I hear the guitar playing an E each time it plays one of the melody notes. It's brighter than the bass, which is also playing E, so I can distinguish the two.
  23. So, fellow transcribers, how would you go about transcribing the guitar part in "Chrono Cross ~ Time's Scar"? I have the first 17 measures where there is only guitar, flute, and bass playing together. Then at 1:00 it goes nuts in a really beautiful and confusing way. Specifically the guitar part switches to strummed chords that I can't really hear well. Any clues?
  24. What exactly does "ear training" and "aural skills" entail? I've read these phrases but I don't know what they mean.
  25. I've been trying to avoid copying by instinct. When I can't distinguish a part from the others, I've had thoughts like "well, it would sound nice if it were playing these notes." If I'm rearranging it, that seems like a good opportunity to be creative. But since I'm trying to faithfully represent what I hear, I've listened to the same three seconds of a piece over and over with my ear to the speaker until I hear the part I'm looking for. If I can't hear it, I might get it wrong.
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