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  1. What is the status of the Mega Man X and Mega Man X (Full Armor) bios? And Dr. Wily, for that matter; is he done? So far the lump file contains Dafydd's original Mega Man X (Full Armor) bio, the one Mega Man X bio (if I remember correctly), and the following bio for Wily.
  2. No problem. By the way, I've got a long text document with almost all the bios on it in order of writing (I still need to add the latest ones), so I can split that up into thirds and host them for anybody else to use. It makes automatic spell checking easier; I found a number of real errors among catches like "dataDyne" and "Sephiroth."
  3. Possesive plurals vs. possesives on names that end in "S": As far as I know, if a name ends in "s," it still gets an apostrophe and an "s" when in the possessive. So, the following should read as it does: It is only plurals of nouns that drop the final "s," thus: I'm editing with this in mind.
  4. "Videogames" or "Video games?" I prefer the latter; the former looks like the writer is drunk, slurring her words together.
  5. There are 150 bios. How should we split up the editing? Polo took care of his own, it seems, but we should cross-check each other. There are three or four of us, so we could do 50-50-50 or 40-40-40-40 (with some overlap, of course). I'll proofread the first 50 (in order of writing, since I don't want to hunt through fifty pages of posts all day), though, again, I'd like someone to double check the ones I wrote. To anybody editing: make sure you're not just rewriting a bio the way you would have written it. Check for readability and accuracy, but don't start the whole project over again.
  6. That was pretty fucking great. Good balance between the original and new material. I could easily recognize it but it also had your added spice, especially when you played around with the theme later in the song.
  7. Hell, I thought the whole song is pretty cool, lyrics and all. Singing has to hit me right for me to approve of it; an "indie rock" song that relies on a scene kid wailing about some shit probably won't stick around me long. But these vocals are worked into the song very well. The distinctive style that DJP mentioned sounds great.
  8. Wow, they're finally all done. Well, winter break is coming up, so I'll have more time to edit than I've had in the last few months, so count me in for editing.
  9. I've got too much schoolwork to really contribute to this project right now. Sorry. Zato-1 Sammy 1998 Zato-1 has been a fighter in the Guilty Gear series since its inception. He was originally an assassin who shared his body with a sentient, parasitic form of life called Eddie. In Guilty Gear, Zato-1 controlled Eddie's actions and used it as a deadly weapon, but in Guilty Gear X the parasite takes control of Zato-1's body and begins directing their relationship toward its own ends. By the time of Guilty Gear XX Zato-1 is dead, and the character list refers to the two bodies as Eddie. Zato-1 is blind, having sacrificed his sight for the privilege of using Eddie. He was a Spaniard and the leader of the Assassins' Guild until being consumed by Eddie; as such he has history with assassins Millia Rage and Venom. Eddie's physical form is ever-changing: nominally a turbulent cloud at Zato-1's feet, it can become a claw, a set of drills, and other dangerous objects that materialize from unexpected places about Zato-1's body. Eddie often takes a form resembling a gargoyle, allowing it to fly; this could be interpreted as the character's true form. "When little brats bother me like this, they die." Some Major Appearances Guilty Gear: The Missing Link (1998) Guilty Gear X: By Your Side (2000) Guilty Gear XX: The Midnight Carnival (2002) Guilty Gear Isuka (2004) Sources: Wikipedia article on Zato-1 Guilty Gear FAQs at GameFAQs Other Interesting Links: Guilty Gear Official Web Site Harcore Gaming 101: Guilty Gear
  10. Thanks, Coop, that helps. We should just credit you for the DS bios; that was my plan originally. BTW I just started a new term at school so I'm settling in. I've got almost all the bios lumped together in a text file and I'm going to use my computer to check spelling and grammar and then proofread it personally. Sorry for any delay, I should be done relatively soon.
  11. Well when you have such wonderful music as Kong in Concert, it's hard to come up with a better idea. Although I think DJP would love to see people tackle this material and go even further with it. If you don't suck at computer music as I do, go for it!
  12. I'd be happy to proofread and edit. I'll bring them in tune with the Wiki style, as well. I've got some free time ahead, so this will work well. They'll probably all fit in a text file that I can host on my ISP web space and link to from here; that'll save forum pages. I'll use the quote function to get the BBCode. EDIT: Thanks, Polo, for the quote. And for all of your hard work; you're all over that list on page 1. Also, should we indeed talk to DJP about requested mascots? It'd be fitting after all the work we've done for the site. I never addressed this before: I didn't mention that I had done some DS bios because I wanted not to discourage you from writing bios. I also figured that with your much broader experience with Darkstalkers, you'd write better ones. What did you decide to do? I see several versions of the Darkstalkers bios. Should I use the second versions? Also, did you use any of my work? Because if you did not, then I'll write just you in as the author in the proofread lump file.
  13. Aha! Well that's that then. Shows what being out of the project for months will do. New mascots? I'd do anybody from Skies of Arcadia. Can anybody else find a quote for Norimaro?
  14. Let's talk about style. Do we want style to be consistent? For example, do we want game titles to be either all italicized or all Roman? If so, is everybody but me following a consistent style? If they are, then I'll just change my bios to fit in. Otherwise, we can go through all the bios and make style and format consistent; we just need to decide on a standard. EDIT: And Polo, why are you heavily rewriting other people's bios?
  15. Norimaro Capcom 1997 Chun-Li from Street Fighter has a number-one fan in Norimaro, a secret joke character in the Japanese version of Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. Norimaro supposedly snuck his way in to the fighting tournament to photograph his lightning-kicking idol. An otaku (Japanese for a nerdy, overenthusiastic fan), Norimaro is scrawny and excitable. He survives in combat by throwing objects such as stuffed animals and drafting compasses at his opponents. His super combos have names such as "Ultra Secret Private Memories" and involve bizarre patterns of attack, one of which being Norimaro dressing up as a host of various Capcom characters like Mega Man. Norimaro was created and voiced by comedian Kinashi Noritake. He was removed from all non-Japanese versions of the game due to Marvel Comics's reluctance to associate itself and its characters with him. Quote: "Wait a second... How'd I do that!?" Appearances: Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter (1997) Sources: Arcade-History.com's article on Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter Wikipedia's article on Norimaro Dingo Jellybean's Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter FAQ on GameSpot
  16. Maybe I should help finish up this project, eh?
  17. I knew this would happen. Right near the end.
  18. I-No Sammy 2002 I-No is a cryptic woman who, in Guilty Gear XX, claims to serve "that man" who created the biological weapons called Gears. She seeks to eliminate obstructions to that man's designs. Seeing the other characters as such obstructions, she deceives them and turns them against each other. She is a talented electric guitarist, and she uses her guitar as a weapon. At any given time, I-No is either flagrantly voluptuous or mercilessly aggressive. In the former, she speaks in a sultry tone and dresses in a provocative outfit. In the latter, she is an admitted sadist and laughs at others' suffering. In battle, I-No capitalizes on aerial attacks. Many of her special techniques begin in the air, and she rises off of the ground when dashing. She is the final boss of the Guilty Gear XX arcade mode. Quote: "Cover songs are nice, but nothing beats the original." Appearances: Guilty Gear XX: The Midnight Carnival (2002) Guilty Gear Isuka (2004) Sources: Guilty Gear XX instruction manual Wikipedia's article on I-No Other interesting links Hardcore Gaming 101: Guilty Gear Official Guilty Gear Home Page
  19. If we get the sort of help we're looking for, there's going to be hella lot of different styles. That's what editing is for. Coop did a great job and there's nothing wasteful about his work.
  20. That's going pretty damn far.
  21. I did Fei's. And I have dibs on I-No from GGXX. I just played the game for the first time after a year and a half of listening to the music over and over and over again. It's soooooooo awwwwwwesome!
  22. I'd love to, but it ain't happening until after June begins. Zeality would write some badass stuff I don't doubt, if we could rope him into it.
  23. If I were to get a semi-hollow body electric guitar (like an Epiphone Dot Archtop--opinions?), how would it sound playing without amplification? I don't mean to perform without an amp. But would it sound good unplugged when, say, playing casually for myself or friends? EDIT: I think I misspoke; I'm thinking of getting an archtop, which is a fully hollow body...? N00bsauce. Help.
  24. Inverse is probably the best word. Or complimentary, if you're into math like me (and unlike Edge, apparently). Set theory! Nice bio; I got a good, concise overview of the character.
  25. No converse list yet. Wanna write it, LAOS, and does Dafydd want to update it? Also, we have Crono, Lucca, and Robo yet to write for the Chrono Trigger characters. Zeality (admin of the Chrono Compendium) hasn't responded to my PM in about a month, so I think we should count him out of dibs on those bios.
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