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  1. The video in that article is amazing. The twenty seconds of "enter parental code" at the end is the perfect stinger. They'd be lucky if something like that happened ONCE with their product.
  2. Thanks for playing this, you guys! There are 12 "real" levels, and 6 afterward that...well let's say that they recognize that you've been playing for a while.
  3. I made a video game. It's called "Vuess Vow Vong Vo Vold Vown Vhe Vey." You can get it here, on Linux and Windows: http://www.cs.utah.edu/~alex/vuess.html I'd call it the most amusing 1D game of 2011.
  4. I thought I'd never see the day. But, here it is; excellent. Good work, everybody.
  5. There's a difference between a leitmotif and using different arrangements of the same tune. I think Super Mario World, for instance, is on the side of the latter. Sonic 3D Blast is a good example of the former; that was my first thought. Radiant Silvergun uses a couple of motives repeatedly and with a lot of focus on them in most of the pieces (from Sil's mention of FF Tactics, maybe it's a Hitoshi Sakimoto favorite). Ace Combat 4 reuses a single motive a few times, too. I think it's a relatively common practice in game music.
  6. I don't know bLiNd other than as a listener. But I've found his music especially moving, and from that connection stem misgiving at his ailment and hope for a smooth recovery. I send you my best wishes bLiNd, and the same to those close to you. Keep entrancing me.
  7. That is an amazingly detailed April Fool's joke.
  8. That sounds like a good compromise. Spelling and periods don't really call for much debate as grammar might. And I feel comfortable deferring to you guys on correcting factual errors. Let's agree to leave the wording and grammar as it stands and I will be at ease.
  9. Darklink42, I was begrudging your suggestions at first because this project is elderly and wants to pass away, and your editing can only prolong its life. But these you just posted are good catches, and I thank you for them. My responses are below. Polo should speak only for Polo when equating our collective modus operandi with nitpicking; I don't particularly like nitpicking. And I still want to publish this and be done as soon as DJP and Larry are ready to finalize. The reason is this: whenever somebody goes back for more editing, I feel a need to be involved, because what is being edited is two and a half years of work in which I have invested a considerable amount of time and effort. I can't just sit back and let the others take care of it, as it seems watkinzez has done, because I want a say in how all of my work turns out. Polo, you seem to have a lot more free time than I have to devote to this project, and as such you are better equipped to develop the project as you see fit. I simply can't keep up with you; I can't discuss everything with you and debate what changes to make. If we continue to fine-tune the project after this weekend, my schedule demands that I walk away and submit to whatever you and Dafydd and newcomers come up with. Therefore, I ask you, Dafydd and Polo, that we decide to be done with the project's content. It is marvelous as it stands now. If it were only half-complete, or still in rough draft form, my request would be ludicrous. But it is not half-complete or rough; it is grand. I haven't any more time to give to it, and I ask that you not put in more time without me. It's nitpicky but good. Changed. This is fine as it is. Favourite is the British spelling. Good point. Changed to "heavily-populated" Probably a typo. Changed. Excellent. Righto. "...are things upon which he dwells..." That's the difference between "this" and "that." I'm leaving it as is. It's right as is. It's fine. Ship it, as they say. You're right, that works better. I think "relishing" probably was meant to be "brandishing" or "flourishing." I changed it to "brandishing." Yep. I think it's "family's power" or, more clearly, "family's influence." Changed. Yes. Yes. Yes. Changed to "thus."
  10. Are we really publishing this part of the Dan Hibiki bio? It's misogynist. I know it wasn't meant that way, but it shouldn't be part of official writing. I replaced "two bitch-slaps in one" with "two of Capcom's taunts in one". We could do "two middle fingers in one" if you like, or something else.EDIT: I finished my uploading. All of the bios are now on the site (yippEE!). I gave each short Darkstalker bio a redirect page with its mascot number. The extended Darkstalkers bios have no redirect page. All of the links made from the word "Darkstalkers" now link to the Darkstalkers category page instead of the Darkstalkers article, which is still present in the bios list. I removed the "[[Category:Mascots]]" tag from the Darkstalkers category page, so the link to it no longer appears in the Mascots category page.
  11. All right. The first sentence misuses the word "but" because there isn't a clear contrary statement preceding it. The possesive at the end of this sentence is awkward. The last comma of the second sentence should be omitted. The last phrase doesn't make grammatical sense. It isn't clear what is blessed. Why use the passive voice when it's unnecessary? It should be "Weltall is almost a part..." I agree with you, Polo, on all of your other responses.
  12. You can always make a piece of writing better through further revision. Right now, I think our priority should be to publish what is already very good work. If we want, we can go and edit more after we're done, but delaying for perfection is folly at this point.
  13. As I read the new composer and system profiles, I noticed something potentially misleading. To me the words "on record" have the same connotation as the words "as far as we know." It isn't clear that the records are ultimately defined by which remixes are on the site, and the casual reader might think "hey, this site is pretty with it; their records probably include a complete listing of this composer's game projects" The same issue is present in the system pages to an even greater extent: This implies that a composer's "activity" is dependent on how many games in OCR's records she has worked on. If the casual reader makes the very easy but inaccurate assumption that OCR's records are complete representations of the composer's corpus of work--instead of a list of which games have had their music remixed and passed through the judges panel--they will have a distorted view of that composer.
  14. Progress report. I'm halfway done uploading my bios. Everything looks fine so far. I added "Jon Talbain" and "Jon Talbain (extended)" to a special Darkstalkers category, and I added The Coop's "Darkstalkers" piece to that category page. I then, just for experiment, marked that page as being in the Mascots category, which made the Mascots category page show a link to the Darkstalkers category page, calling it a "subcategory." We don't have to keep that there: it looks kind of ugly and is not very useful. At any rate, the "Darkstalkers" piece is still on the wiki as a bio, and it is also there as category page text. I clarified the "Pictured from:" fields in both the Zelda and Solid Snake bios--as each of these bios is associated with two pictures apiece--saying "Game Title (as mascot #000)" instead of just "Game Title(#000)." The redirect notification makes these notes clear to anyone coming to the bio through the mascot image: "Redirected from OCR_Mascot_000." I changed the Mario and the Mario (kart) bios a little; I integrated the links between them into the text of the bios. So whereas "Mario" had no link to "Mario (kart)", I made such a link out of the word "racing" in the Mario text. And whereas "Mario (kart)" had a very explicit link to "Mario" before the text of the bio, I removed that and linked to the Mario bio through the first mention of the word "Mario." Take a look, tell me if it looks like it won't work. Still standing by on what to do about redirect pages for the Darkstalkers bios. As I think of it, I wonder if we really need redirect pages for the extended bios. I assume that we only need a redirect page when a user clicks on the mascot picture, so as to use the mascot name to direct her browser to the correct bio. But we don't want anyone to go straight from a mascot picture to an extended bio, so perhaps there's no need for a redirect page for those, and therefore no problem to resolve.
  15. Oh that's how that Mascots category page came into being. Alles klar, I'll do that for all of the Darkstalkers bios.
  16. That's pretty neat. I liked how the track went up and down with the back beat.
  17. I still don't know which pages to redirect towards, respectively, the "Darkstalkers" bio and the extended versions of the Darkstalkers characters' bios. As yet there is no Darkstalkers category. I'll upload my bios presently, omitting redirects for the aforementioned bios until Larry tells me what to do.
  18. Yeah, thank you, Larry. There is a potential problem: the Darkstalkers overview and the extended Darkstalkers bios have no page that redirects to them, so I can't link to their redirect pages. Which picture should be associated with the former, if any? And how will we get the picture to appear for the extended bios if we don't use redirect pages? EDIT: Once we get that question cleared up, I think I have all of my markup done, and I can post all 50-some of my bios.
  19. Who needs a box of chocolates when you can give your sweetie a box of video game character biographies?
  20. So instead of the wiki links like "[[Jedah Dohma]]" we should use "[http://www.ocremix.org/info/OCR_Mascot_xxx Jedah Dohma]"?
  21. Okay. We'll finishing marking up and uploading what we have right now, and we will change the credits later. The people who haven't forwarded their wishes only wrote a few bios in total, so it won't be to much work to change them one by one. I think you all saw me credit myself as Alex Stuart (Linearity), but I'll make it clear now that I want to be credited that way in all of my articles. Fixed. Not a bad idea. I linked the first mention of "X," but that's only one letter and is harder to see than other first mention links. I'll put a clearer link in like the one you have there. On that note, all of the Darkstalkers bios link to extended bios. Should I similarly link the extended bios back to the short bios? I thought not, because the extended bios already say what the short bios say, right? You're right. I will fix that straight away.
  22. That was me. I moved the article to "X (full armor)" now that I have your support in doing so. We should avoid creating pages that we don't plan to keep; I can't manage to return the "Mega Man X (full armor)" to its original state, rather only to a blank page. I apologize for that. Therefore, whoever is responsible for the X bio should post it as "X" not as "Mega Man X."
  23. Didn't Polo mention giving everyone a month to respond to the inquiry about real names? I figured that the final project release would be on hold until then. How do we know what chez dogulov's wishes are? He has posted only three times on the forums and there isn't a real name on his profile. If we're not asking him how he would like to be credited, we should preserve his privacy and credit him only as chez dogulov. Edit: Another issue: the title of the article about the main character of Mega Man X is currently "Mega Man X." However, I played the hell out of that game as a kid, and I remember that the character was referred to exclusively as "X." While in later games he may have been occasionally called "Mega Man X," I am sure that he is predominantly called just "X" throughout the series. Dafydd's "Mega Man X (full armor)" bio also refers to the character only as "X," but as it stands, it will require an absolute URL instead of a wiki link, because I need to link to an article called "Mega Man X." I suggest that we call that article simply "X" for consistency.
  24. The biggest difference for me is the kinds of games available in each setting. I've always loved platform games like Sonic, and they just don't make many platform games for desktops. On the other hand, I have liked a few FPS games, and most of them were made for PCs. A computer dedicated to running games will likely do that job better overall than a multi-role computer. That means that in general a Nintendo or a 'gaming rig' desktop is preferable to a general PC for running games well. And those gaming rigs seem like overkill to me. There's my two cents.
  25. Nice. I'm replacing all writer credits with "Article by:" instead of "Article:".
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