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  1. Gone for 3 years? Shocking!

  2. I listened to the track and didn't enjoy it very much. Though there's been a bit of controversy over vocals here, those really were the negative points for me, as I found it hard to listen to the rest of this mix. I've heard a version without the vocals and had no problems with the arrangement itself, nor the notion of it being a vocal remix, as I think it certainly lends itself to that. People have said that being rough around the edges is fine, and it is given the circumstances governing the making of this mix, but my qualm is that the vocal preformances do not mesh well together...at all. I
  3. I don't think anybody can really flaw it's construction, though i think a little more creativity in movement from the mixes three main songs would have been interesting. Again, like other critics, this piece is really something you'd imagine as something off of a soundtrack to a film or game; something you didn't really notice whilst it was playing in the background. I don't think this is necessarily a negative point. Such tracks are good for listening to whilst working on something, or if you want something unintrusive while you're doing something like driving. Actually the reason i wanted to
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