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  1. For being so quick, this album is rocking pretty hard. (not really pun because it was already in the title.) Concrete man has one of the better themes in 9, and you guys did him justice. ...still miss Wily Machine though.
  2. actually, that second option on the remix's page for what G.E.R.U.D.O. stands for (Gamera Emits Radioactivity Using Dual Orifices) is true as well. See? http://www.motifake.com/image/demotivational-poster/1001/giant-flying-turtle-gamera-flying-everything-demotivational-poster-1262667559.jpg He tucks in his legs and has two... um... exhaust ports or something. We love you, Gamera!
  3. Just The voices alone are worth a listen, as they're freakin' hilarious. And the hillbilly scatting? Priceless. You can't help listening to this one a couple times in a row, just cuz it's such a great track. And what's this about licking Mountain Dew?
  4. Oh god, this remix is so figgin great! this is most likely the best I've heard from this entire site. Way to go, Starla! I'm about 90% on my statement too (theres some really great mario rpg songs out there and Yoshi's Island Yoshi's Rag is quite catchy), and I have a hard time picking favorites. So you know you're really cooking when i can almost fully-mindedly say you're the best.
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