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  1. I'd like to stake a claim on the Team USSR track if that's ok:D
  2. I got an update on my Hydro city WIP... http://www.vgmix.com/song_view.php?song_id=3874 Added some rough vocoder vocals in to the mix... I'm still working on the last half of the song, so nothing new on that front... Otherwise, there's more percussion, more instruments, more bass and better mixing. Read up on all the changes i've done in the WIP section. Hope u's like it so far:) Robbie
  3. That sounds great, i love the whole vibe the track is bringing across... perhaps in the last section the main melody should be played with a bit more, but i like it a lot so far.
  4. Little known fact... along with Mega man 'Chillout', this is my fave OC remix ever... i actually really like the percussion as is... a true classic... has a really unique sound... and i've played this song almost every day since the very first time i downloaded it.
  5. Hey, thanx... it was actually Dryer Lint who convinced me to join the project a few days ago:)) g;ad he did... this is gonna be cool:)
  6. Oops, missed it in amongst all the other crap:)) I've only got half the song done so far, but it's progressing surprisingly quickly:) Thx for the somments:)
  7. Hence some may have missed my post b4 - a Hydro City Zone 2 WIP. if it's not to late to join the project. Link to WIP in my sig.
  8. If it's not to late, i'd like to offer up my Hydrocity WIP for use in the project. If not, then you've got another completely different Hydrocity (zone 2) mix to follow... it probably isn't as far along as a lot of the WIP's, but it sounds ok so far:) http://www.vgmix.com/song_view.php?song_id=3874 Hope this goes down well:) EDIT: After 1:30, it needs a lot of work... the synth at 1:57 will be replaced - it's just there for the moment. Next version should be almost the whole song (not complete, but the bones'll be there.). Robbie
  9. Hi, i'm desperately seeking a vocalist, male or female, to provide the vocal tracks for my latest WIP - an 80's pop remix of the theme to the Sega CD game 'Road Avenger'... Here's the link to the WIP:) http://www.vgmix.com/song_view.php?song_id=3615 the source tune is also available at the link listed above; as is the lyrics to my mix... the source contains vocals, and the lyrics i have re-written fit in almost exactly with those in the source tune, so learning the lyrics should be very easy. If you are interested, send me a message, or email me at akumajobelmont@yahoo.com.au Thanks Robbie.
  10. Okies, i'm not one to go for this style, but CarboHydroM never fails to impress me... I love this track. It's one of my fave theme's EVER, and it's been done great justice... As far as the mixing goes, you can hear this guy getting better and better with every mix, although i agree with djP's EQ comment... I'm a big fan of Carbo's Pop'n Twinbee mixes, but this easily outshines them both, which is a big thing for me (i LOVE those mixes!!!)... Well done, hey:D Great mix, great source...
  11. The jewel in the OCR crown at the moment... It's SO refreshing to hear a mix that is something other than another rock, orchestral or trance remix. OCR needs more of THIS... I am officially blown away...
  12. This seems to be you at your absolute best! A labour of an incredibly deep love. And I LOVE IT!!! This remix is absolutely brilliant!!! The re-interpretation of the melody is fantastic- not straying to far, yet at the same time, feeling like a natural progression into what could be a called a 'second verse' (for lack of a better desc. You know, when the singer starts the second verse, but the melody they are singing changes to build it up a bit.) I especially love the distant hi-synth line at 2:05, which soungs VERY SEGA of Japan-y to me (I'm a sucker for anything even REMOTELY 'SEGA of Japan'!!!). Also, the sub melody you have going on at 2:33, in which you use what sounds like the 'Sonic-Picks-Up-Rings' sound effect from the game; turning it into an instrument. Incredibly clever. The Euroclub sound is great- I'm definetely digging it. Actually, I've played the song in the background while I was running the game emulation, and you'd be amazed how much faster Sonic seems to feel!!! Great work mate- you've done the song, and composer proud. Hope to hear you on Avex one day...
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