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Found 8 results

  1. Hello! My name is Andrew and I'm working on a techno project that's largely influenced by video game soundtracks from the 90s and early 00s, namely Fluid for the PS1, Tetrisphere for the N64, and a few later games like Jet Set Radio and F-Zero GX. I've been having a lot of fun with this project but I've really fallen in love with the low quality, spacey element of that era of video game soundtracks, and I can't seem to recreate that sound quite the way I'd like with the tools I have. Does anyone have any leads on VSTs, or sample packs even, that might be in line with music for that
  2. The People's Remix Competition 343 PRCv14-03 Hello everyone and Welcome to the People's Remix Competition! Welcome to another PRC Round. Two rounds ago, GCJ claimed victory by making the most popular remix of Secret of Mana - The Legend. He selected the source for this round. Source: Jet Set Radio – Sneakman (SEGA) MIDI MP3 Additional Samples Source Information Page of the Guy Who Found Samples Note: this song already has an Ocremix, it was in 2004 when HappyBivouac did a remix. He used 'Let Mom Sleep' and this
  3. A remix/mashup of Sneakman from the original Jet Set Radio and Fly Like A Butterfly from Jet Set Radio Future. It's primarily a Sneakman remix, but since I added a bunch of samples from Fly Like A Butterfly, and since this style of music is very sample based, I'm calling it a mashup of sorts. Suggestions/criticism appreciated! Also, I did not sample the songs themselves; however, I did use samples used in the songs. I know sampling the song disqualifies a remix but I think this should be fine considering that it's not a direct sample and this type of music is heavily sample-based. Please
  4. Jey Set Radio Fans! So I did a vocal mix/freestyle to "Let Mom Sleep" from the game! One of my favorite songs from it! Hope you guys like this!
  5. Jet Set Radio fans! Check out the vocal mix to "Humming the Bassline", one of the songs from Jet Set Radio. Kicking it old school with the lyrics. Enjoy! LEt me know what you think! The original song was done by Hideki Naganuma
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