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SPLUNK! - A New OLR Project


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First off, sorry if this is in the wrong forum area, just trying to give people the heads up about it.

But I just wanted to show off the pretty link to SPLUNK!, the first remix project of 2008. And yes...it was live before Thieves. Ask Taucer. He's still pissed at me...hahaha...

Real MAGFest Discussion:

Joe: Yo Taucer! Whats up! You hear Splunk yet? How ya been?

Taucer: I'm good! What's Splunk?

Joe: First remix project of the year on OLR. Just went live at 4:57am today.

Taucer: I hate you. I fucking hate you. Goddamn you, Joe, you beat me by a day!

*sigh* Memories.

Anyways, check this project out!


Features new remixes by Diggi Dis, Mustin, Mazedude, zyko, virt, po, Zeratul, Kunal, Nasenmann and DjSammyG

Hit that shit up yo!

Also, a ghost chases your mouse pointer. You need to check it out just for that.

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