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    I'm a docent at a science museum, a writer, a Final Fantasy junkie, and a self-proclaimed Overclocked Remix groupie. I'm an all-around nerd and proud of it. When I'm not obsessively blogging while listening to video game music and remixes I can usually be found playing video games and coming up with weird science ideas I can try out at work.
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  1. Man, how have I not posted about this mix yet... This is absolutely brilliant. I could roll down the street singing along with this all day. It's a brilliantly funny tribute to a brilliantly funny game. There are so many awesome lines in this... Flik's part at the end is uproariously, crazily funny. It so feels like the overanalysis some nerdy gamer would make after playing Earthbound. Seriously. Excellent mix all around.
  2. I didn't think I liked this song until I gave it another listen. It's really good. I like the beat, I like the use of the original song (I've long thought the Veldt would be a nice theme for a rap remix anyway), and the rapping is actually pretty good. Anyway, I like it. Very nice.
  3. Thank you so much for providing quite possibly the awesomest contributions to my music collection. I'm still finding gems hiding out in my iPod when it goes on shuffle all. I'm amazed at the collection of talent in this place!
  4. Congratulations! That's awesome!
  5. The concert was so awesome. I wish I'd been able to get VIP tickets. By the time I bought them they were sold out. Still, it was worth every penny for the trip to Chicago and all. I had fantastic seats, too. And I loved the cosplayers!
  6. 2 I like to recognize what I'm hearing. However, I've found gems outside the 2 category from the torrents and my iPod on shuffle all.
  7. This further complicates my problem of not having enough storage on my iPod for all my music. Considering this is all pretty sweet music, I suppose I will have to forgive you. I have a deep respect for awesome chiptune music.
  8. By making me appreciate video game music even more than I initially did. By making me drool like a fangirl over the all the awesome artists here... that's hot. And by adding at least a few gig of music to my already video game music heavy song collection.
  9. Misery. Oh, my bad. Missouri.
  10. Alright, I'm going to name some odd ones: Uninvited Shadowgate Deja Vu did not impress me so much. But those two are fun. A little annoying with a controller because you're always "clicking" on options, but whatever... I still like them. Of course my classics would be Mario 1-3, Zelda 1-2, Metroid, Castlevania, and Final Fantasy.
  11. No, I just lack confidence that my fingers will actually listen to my brain and do what it says. Which is a total cop-out, considering I use these same supposedly useless fingers to type very quickly. So what I'm saying is... I'm really lame and don't practice enough.
  12. So bizarre to hear this song... it's such a dark remix of such a chipper song. Awesome, though.
  13. I could practice every day and never be so awesome. Thank you. These are amazing.
  14. This project touches me in a special place. I've already called the authorities, don't worry! Nice job guys.
  15. Yeah, Mazedude, I have to say that you did a great job with the site. It's a really cool layout. So far I haven't met a song on there I didn't like... I'll keep listening to more.
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