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  1. The server upgrades make me very happy. Finally getting on regularly without issues. Still friendless and lonely on Ultros. Sixto! Where are you! You said we'd play and I can't find you (or anybody).
  2. See, I initially joined Ultros in the beta because I love that little bastard. In the beta I bumped into Sixto by absolute chance in Ultros who told me that there was supposedly going to be an OCR group based in Ultros so I stuck with that. I've since been unable to track him down in there and pretty much every other friend I have is on other servers and there is no world transfer service yet. So, yay. Also, it's not like I can ever log the hell in anyways. I post this not to whore out my writing, but only because I'm sure you guys will enjoy where the article is coming from: http://www.savecontinue.com/2013/08/in-depth-hands-on-impressions-with-final-fantasy-xiv-a-realm-reborn/
  3. Hey folks, I know I'm not a regular here but I know a good number of OCR folk from MAGFest and years past and if anybody is on Ultros server and wants to meet up, just message Joe Cam. Looking for some XIV company!
  4. THANK GOD! - 100 Points - Don't be Brandon Strader
  5. Blatantly stole that idea from the Bullet Witch Achievements for 360. 1 point for beating it on the hardest difficulty. I love it. Makes you wonder how many people get 999 and can't get that last point.
  6. So... You folks (that found them) enjoy the achievements? Any feedback? We might do an all out Achievement App next year. Best idea Rez and I ever had for MAG. Also, really sad I didn't see as many people as much this year. My interactions with Oji were limited to a ninja attack kiss on the cheek and that was is. Fucker never came to The Lumberjack Lounge...
  7. Not sure if any of you whippersnappers know me or not, but... http://gplus.to/joecam
  8. How many of you are gonna be at Bit Gen to see the bands? You can rub the beard that was proclaimed better than Stevo's!
  9. I can't wait for MAGX. I'm more excited for the possibility of a Ten Year Panel with a bunch of us who have been to EVERY MAGFest. I shall walk around in a crown and proclaim myself to be the King of All. Either that or maybe I'll walk around in a red speedo and an empty vodka bottle and cosplay as fat, retired Zangief. That'll scare the kids!
  10. HAY. You get my facebooks message?

  11. Bound Together. 100% independent release. No elaborate site, no comments, no fluff. Let the music speak for itself. That was always my plan.
  12. Skimmed this, chiming in. I gave Brandon the OK to re-start this to eventually give this project a "real" release. Not an "OCR" release. I've never intended for any of my projects to be OCR official because I personally believe it imposes too many restrictions and requirements. I'm not saying OCR projects are bad, it's just not how I do them on my own. If Brandon wants to open this up to new mixes, get new tracks, and get a good sized (30 songs give or take) release and give it a proper release chock full of artwork and ID3 tags and disc numbers, rock on. He even mentioned he wanted to do the massive medley that was originally what sunk my project. I am behind this getting a real release. I am NOT behind this becoming an official OCR project. Again, no slight to OCR at all, you are all my homeslices, but I'm just not an official OCR-project kinda guy. Technically, I gave him the OK to do what he pleased with the project as long as he were able to secure permission from the artists themselves to use each track. I encouraged him to get every track possible from the initial release, but I KNOW he won't be able to get Zeratul's track. Everything else should be fair game as long as he drops emails, asks nice and so on and so forth. I helped him get permission from a few people and hooked him up with some contact info for others. Ball is 100% in his court to do what he wishes with this. If he decides to make this an "OFFICIAL OCR" remix project, I really can't stop him from doing it, but I just want it to be known that that was never my intent. I fully support giving the project a real release that I wasn't happy giving myself, though. Anywho, my thoughts on the matter. If anybody has any questions or concerns about it, feel free to email me (joecamnet at the gmails) and I'll gladly chats you up. But again, my wishes aside, Brandon is in charge of things now. If he wants to drop every original track and release 30 tracks of him farting over the original GameCube audio files, I guess that'll be KK Setlist. Personally, I hope he does justice to what I couldn't finish. Kinda worried to see mentions of him running a half dozen projects, but to each their own, right?
  13. That just happened. Holy balls this song is fantastic.
  14. I like the music, but after seeing a video of the chart, I'm sorry but I can't buy it. I like songs that are fun for me to play, not songs that make my fingers bleed. I know there's a huge market for the type of difficult songs like what you've got, but I'm just not there. Still love the song though. Really cool music. Maybe you'll get the chance to not buy one of my tracks soon.
  15. Songs like this are why Diggi Dis is one of the best musicians in the scene. This dude can do it all. Love that title too.
  16. Care to elaborate what you mean by "processing" here? We all recorded in the same room with the same mic and same equipment. Unless you're talking about something totally different. If you mean you don't think we sound "rap" enough, you're talking about THREE INCREDIBLY WHITE GUYS. One who made every effort to sound as over the top white gangsta as possible, one who came here and already admitted he can't rap and can barely sing without sounding like a girl and one who is Flik. I said I didn't EXPECT it to be direct posted. Why did we submit this? Because we made a song that we are incredibly pleased with and wanted to share it with everybody else, whether they liked it or not. WE like it, and in our eyes, that's all that matters to us. The fact that it made it onto this site just feels like a small bit of validation towards what we did. That's kind of a dick thing to say that you don't know why somebody would WANT to submit this. Because we're happy with our song and I made the call to submit it with Mustin's OK. That's why I submitted it.
  17. Tried what? Doing a rap remix where the lyrics were about the game? Sorry man, but Da Black Market (also by us, by the way) beat Rhymes with Elixer to the punch by a few years... I still like how people are expecting that every song released on this site has to drastically change the musical landscape with each coming day. Yes, we wrote a song about partying and getting drunk during an event in which we were partying and getting drunk. Shock and awe.
  18. Hahaha. I love this reply so much. Keep in mind, the name of this group is "The Crakaz" so that should answer your first query right off the bat. We've always been bad white rap and we've never tried to claim otherwise. We're better than we used to be, but that doesn't make us great in any sense. Yeah, I can see the complaints where the lyrics seem lazy (though I'm really happy with most of mine. I'm sure I can touch them up now, but the song's a year old now...) This was all written within the span of a few hours (lyrics probably under an hour) during the 7th Annual OUS BBQ. It was never meant to be an award winning piece of music or a serious act at being a legitimate rap group. It's a fun song made during a BBQ. I'm really quite honored that it's here on OCR. It means a lot that our dicking around songs are getting to be "good" enough to be accepted here. Lastly, I am very sorry for not having "motherfucker" in there. I will keep this advice in mind for future reference. If we had an extra hour or so to do some adlibs and what not, I'm sure I'd have thrown one in there somewhere. DCT can back me up that I support the use of "motherfucker", but I guess we were still a bit hungover and it slipped my mind. Many thanks for the reply Jehy. I genuinely enjoyed your feedback. And goddammit Scrobble, why the hell didn't you get to the BBQ this year?? I missed you.
  19. Brandon, you have no need to apologize. I don't expect everybody to like this. I don't expect even a large minority to like this song. I'm glad some people do, but that's not my goal. As for you, Parsons, you always seem to pop up when hip hop is concerned. And what the hell is up with calling me by my full last name, Parsons? Is there a reason for that, Parsons? I don't have any grudge with you, but you always seem to pop up and make an ass out of yourself and claim that nobody does rap and hip hop right except for yourself. Hell, look at your sig! You aren't shitting on me yet you're dedicating your sig to my 1/10 song. As for a song that I've poured my heart into and has tangible meaning? That would be nearly EVERY song I've done that isn't "Crakaz" related. Come Back, Ode to a Lost Love, Can't Let Go, Feeling Lost, Just a Friend, Still Smiling, etc etc etc. But I'll do you one better, Parsons. Betrayal, a rap song that I poured my heart into and has tangible meaning. But gasp and eegads! There is profanity in it! LINK REMOVED BECAUSE SOMEBODY BACKED OUT OF A CHALLENGE THEY INITIATED
  20. God... How did I know A-Ron would show up here? And the last name is Cammisa, not Camissa. It's in the profile, read it and educate yourself. You've been shitting on my music for years now. At least learn my goddamn name already. Also, why must the lyrics be about the game? Why can't we just write our own lyrics about what we want while using music from the game as our instrumentation? A lot of people are complaining that the lyrics had nothing to do with Final Fantasy. SO WHAT? Then again, if we did that we'd get called out for just trying to write shitty lyrics about a game and they sound uninspired or I'd get called out for the same thing that happened with Da Black Market in that we used filthy language in a song from a family friendly game. At least Brandon is at least realizing that a whole bunch of you guys took shit waaaaay too seriously. Lighten up and have fun, that's what we did and that's why I am very proud of this song. Because we had FUN with it. We didn't aim to please anybody, we did this to have fun and enjoy ourselves. The fact that OCR can accept it and post it makes me feel good that what we did as a good time among friends is "good enough" to be showcased among some of the best game remixes in the world (and Da Black Market). If you're getting so uptight about this song to the point that some people want us shot or think we're destroying the legacy of this site, chill out and ask yourself why you're getting so pissy about one single song. Relax and enjoy life for a little bit. It's more FUN that way.
  21. I totally agree with this and I never expected a direct post or a fast track. I submitted it back in January and kept an eye on the Judges thread to see if it was in the queue or would show up soon. I was INCREDIBLY surprised when I got the email that it was getting a direct post. I definitely appreciate that it got it, but in no way did I expect it or ask for it. Plus I know how bad BGC hates me and wants to stab me.
  22. I think everybody posting here needs to be a little less critical of the language and pay more attention to the meaning behind the lyrics. Flik is asking for people to "please sit on [his] dick" and not enough people are doing so. That should be addressed. <3 U all. Seriously, love it or hate it, I'm glad you guys are at least talking about it.
  23. I HIGHLY disagree that the production is bad, but that's not my point to argue. Production was done by Mustin and the song was mastered by Dale North, so if they wish to speak for themselves, they may do so. Needless to say, we'll agree to disagree on that point.
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