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OCR00917 - *YES* Chrono Cross 'Cross Fire' *FT*

Antonio Pizza

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Hey I submitted a song like 1month and a half ago maybe 2 months. I

haven't heard anything back about the song. Please let me know if it's bad

atleast so I can fix it. If you do get it this time can you atleast give me a

little priority since I sent it a while ago?

Here is the song:

I have a few more that i can sumbmit but im waiting for the OK on this

one first.

artist: Marc Star

*NOTE* Sorry to Mr. Star. Won't happen again sir. At least not till the next time...I kid.

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Holy shit, yes! What we have here is a short but VERY sweet rendition of "Time's Scar", the intro music to Chrono Cross. The only downside is that it plays more like a demo than an actual song. I say this beacause of it's short playing time and the fade out at the end. The song is slightly repetitive, but in retrospect, so is the original and this is only 15 seconds longer than that (which is all trailing silence). Other than that, this is a definite poster!

I'm holding my vote for now. Why? The trailing silence. I have emailed the artist and asked him to cut the silence at the end and send me an updated link. If/when he complies, I will update you all and change my vote...so if this gets four "no's" right away, hold the phone.

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I just got this yesterday:

OMG OMG OMG! I apologize to the maximum power. I've been extremely


School just started back up and so many things have been on my mind.

Financial Aid, Moving back to Phillidephia and so on. Anyhow I've

finished revising the song. I took out the air in the backround and

brought out the lead guitar slightly. I hope u can put it up extremely

soon. I surely am hoping to get on your site and be heard. Once again I

greatly apologize. This will not happen again. I'm currently working on

another piece to send to u. Im working on the forest music of Sekein

Densetsu. That's one of my favorites so look out for another send from


Here's the Link: Enjoy,

Marc Star

Trailing silence go bye-bye. Everyone indicated that they'd say yes once it was fixed. Well, it's fixed. Post it.

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