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OCR00902 - Final Fantasy Mystic Quest "Mystic Mountain (2LATE Mix)"


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Heh, FFMQ is a very important game for me (the first jcrpg I ever played and I loved it). I consider the source rather grand and I'm happy to be reminded of it. This mix showcases the melody's boombastic quality quite nicely. The more ambient break was quite cool, and I like the beat, and the intro. Unfortunately, the distorted (lead) synths don't feel well mixed, they just sound loud and abrasive - in a bad way, in my humble opinion. Also the ending is lackluster, it doesn't very unfortunately go anywhere. What could have been a great track now feels like a bit of a rush job. It's not awful by any means, but it just falls short of beeing a keeper.


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Wow, a lot of people liked this less than me.

I thought this was fantastic. Flaws or no flaws, I'm just a huge fan of dark electronica, and this is one fine example of just that. There are a lot of interesting technical ideas throughout, and the ambience is really fitting of the piece and the melody. But I have to say my favourite section is at 2:00 when the track launches into a distorted electronic nightmare version of dark church organ style music.

I'm a big fan of this mix, and I have no problem saying that. There is a ton more good than bad here. Even tracks you deem flawed deserve to be loved for the sake of their quality parts.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR00902 - Final Fantasy Mystic Quest "Mystic Mountain (2LATE Mix)"

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