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OCR01684 - Animal Crossing "Traveling"

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Hah, yes! :-D Finally some Animal Crossing coverage I can get behind! This one hit my playlist ever since it was on the front page and I've listened to it sporadically ever since. The source is one of my favorites from the game (not surprising, since the melody shows up in a lot of different forms throughout the game) so this sugary-sweet pop ballad arrangement felt entirely appropriate. The whole song reminds me of the feeling of somber sadness as you travel away to another town on a train... even though you're just visiting, it felt like you were saying goodbye to your town for good.

I dunno, I get overly reminiscent when it comes to games like Animal Crossing, but let me say that the way you treated this source tune is entirely appropriate! Thanks for doing justice to a severely-underremixed game! :-)

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