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ORCL - sexy tournament - overclocked remix chess league 2008


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sexy tournament


overclocked remix chess league 2008

i speak

Hey, back with a new tournament. This time things are going to look a little different as we continue with the "less games" approach to the league. We gon' have a fun :)


To register, make a new post in this thread, including your AOL Instant Messenger screen name.

Games will be played on iGoogle Game Center.


time for chess

Here are your deadlines:

---Thursday, March 7th, 2008--- Registration Ends

---Thursday, March 14th, 2008--- Open Phase Ends

---Thursday, March 28th, 2008--- Closed Phase Ends

---Sunday, April 1st, 2008--- Final Phase Ends

things to know

The tournament will consist of three phases:

The OPEN PHASE is a single-round-robin with everyone else in the tournament. All colors are ASSIGNED. Check the standings (at the end of the thread) and cross-reference your opponent with your color.

The CLOSED PHASE is also a single-round-robin, but with fewer people (2(√½(number of first round players)). Colors will be switched from what you had in the first round.

The FINAL PHASE is a one-game, winner-take-all final, with the higher finisher choosing color.

Use AIM to set up a game. ***NEW*** Use 30/0 clocks ***NEW***

iGoogle Game Center is the official OCRCL chess server.

Scoring is as follows in all tournament rounds:

win = 1 point

draw = ½ point

loss = ¼ point

glhf 134340

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We've got 14 already, and very few declines. Last tournament was 19 players, and that was a sure increase over the previous ones.

I'd like to see this tournament finish with a player-count somewhere in the 20's...remember to promote the fact that you don't have to play every game, but there's also not as many games available to play, so nobody's gonna run away with it...


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i think its cool how reg tourneys have multiple matches. perhaps we could do the best out of three next time around? i would help people size each other up. perhaps more activity?

Sets get too long for the busiest of us to get even a serious attempt in, and you start thinking more than one game at a time - I want epic battles, game by game

The finals will be the third game between those two players, if that's any consolation...

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