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U.S. Demoscene Party - Blockparty


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Anyone going to this event? Looks like virt will be there doing a talk on FM Synthesis. I'm thinking of going since a horror convention I attend occasionally will be in Cleveland the same weekend. I've always wanted to check one of these out, but they tend to be in places like Finland and Sweden..


Actually reading a bit more, this seems like a smaller gathering at something called Notacon.


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[21:47] <soc> coda

[21:48] <soc> are you going to blockparty

[21:48] <@coda> yes

[21:48] <@coda> are you

[21:48] <soc> no lol

[21:48] <soc> but Rayza from OCR apparently is

[21:48] <soc> maybe

[21:48] <soc> there's a thread about it there LoL

[21:48] <soc> who else is going

[21:48] <soc> virt is going

[21:49] <@coda> everyone

[21:49] <soc> D:

I've always wanted to go to a demoparty but MAGFest is enough plane rides for the year.

I might hang with shizzies during PAX though

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This is exactly the kind of thing I'd like to attend, but to work out travel and accomodations within two weeks on less than $100 doesn't give me much chance of actually doing it.

If anyone wants to offer me a ride or a place to stay, I'd buy them food and drink for the weekend.

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I was seriously considering going, but the cheap room blocks are all gone. It's a bunch more expensive now.. Boo..

[this is about Breakpoint 2008, a popular EU demoparty]

[00:41] <Drule> Q: Where can I sleep?

[00:41] <Drule> In the hall, either on the grandstand or on the fluffy carpet under the tables.

[00:41] <Drule> that's fucking disgusting

[00:42] <stupid> nite

[00:42] * stupid (stu@71-36-107-9.ptld.qwest.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving)

[00:42] <Drule> good night

[00:42] <yessopie> heh

[00:43] <yessopie> Yeah, I guess, I've been to a lot of demo parties before, the only one where you didn't sleep on a sleeping bag was block party last year, you had to rent a hotel room

[00:43] <yessopie> with the cost of the hotel, I'd rather just sleep on the floor

[00:43] <yessopie> at LTP we actually slept on a sleeping bag outside

[00:43] <yessopie> I was woken up by some guy yelling for everyone to get in, since it was about to start to rain

[00:43] <yessopie> Oh, and Statix slept on my sleeping bag

[00:44] <yessopie> I should have asked him to autograph it

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