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Kirby's Adventure


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Actually, there are really three tunes embedded in that part of the game - The Orb and the Moon, The Transformation Sequence, and The Final Battle - but the latter two usually get lumped together due to their proximity and use in the same scene.

I find it odd that the Transformation Sequence wasn't included in the remixes nor lumped into the End Battle tune at XOC (the latter being the more sensible option). Cool remixes though.

I don't know about kirby.ocremix.org since the links are broken (or at least they are on my computer).

Also, is it me or do the GBA Nightmare in Dreamland versions seem a little more appealing for the most part. I love the original game and its tunes, but I personally prefer the GBA remixes. Any chance someone might do some remixes that sound a feel a little more like those versions sometime?

[looks around hopefully]

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