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Larry 'Liontamer' Oji interviewed by Nostalgiaholic on VGM

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Very informative interview.

Great to see OCR getting this kind of attention after all these years.

p.s. What's on zircon's mind in that pic? He looks like he wants to fix something with that remix they're judging.

Edit: I'm glad you all decided to let 'Inverting the Tower Temple' pass. Cause I think that mix sounds great.

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The Oji does not smile, except in the event of extreme emergencies, in which case his smile has been reported to blind unfortunate passers-by, deflect projectile weapons, and bring dying "bros" back to life. DCT knows this first hand, as he has actually died 3 times already but was always revived by The Oji's smile immediately afterwards.

Then this must have been quite the emergency...


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