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OCR01753 - *YES* Solar Jetman 'Diamond Worlds'


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Contact Information


Jonas Loman




Submission Information

* Game: Solar Jetman

* Song: ? (it's the theme for Level 11 (planet : Shammy Gen)

* Composer: David Wise

* System: NES

* Copyright: Rare

* Source: http://www.atarihq.com/tsr/nsf/solarj~1.zip

* Comments: Another Impulse Tracker piece! this track is more sofisticated than "forest of hysteria" and i tried to keep the tension down as much as a could while making it.

the first part is an arrangement of melody where i take the very simple source bassline and put my own material on it, and since it's a line of only 2 chords it might be a little repeative but i won't change anything, as i am perfectly happy with the result thanx to the next part which turns the whole thing around just in time:

the second part is different, there is a part in the source where nothing but a few notes go on for a while (consisting of 4 chords) i made my own bassline out of these and instead of putting 100% original material here i altered the bass line from the first part and turned it into a melody on top of these 4 chords. the rest of the arrangement here is mine (piano etc)

the whole .it file was exported to wave and mastered in Wavelab (with some eq and compressors/limiter)

have a nice one!



- Jonas / Platonist


legally distributed free music, probably electronic


http://www.atarihq.com/tsr/nsf/solarj~1.zip - Track 26

The track felt a bit abrasive with the treble. Otherwise, I'm feeling the groove bias here, along with the sensibilities of both Genesis and NES music, as well as some Mazedude tracker flavor of course.

There was definitely nothing wrong with your arrangement approach here, IMO. If anything, it was the most sensible and accessible way to tackle this piece, going the expansionist route.

Cool job working with something that originally didn't have much a focus to it. You made what little melody it had flow more smoothly, and the original writing and dynamic contrast added to the piece fit like a glove, IMO. Nothing more for me to say other than that it was a great listen. Great source tune choice, Jonas, with some under-appreciated material from David Wise!


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Platonist's style is really growing on me. It tends to be dry, up-front, minimal, and tight; none of which are negative adjectives in this case. Most electronic music I hear is drenched in reverb and densely layered... I'm guilty of it myself, but it takes some skill to slim down the soundfield to the essentials and still have something that's enjoyable. This remix is very well-crafted in that sense. The drums and the various bubbly synth stabs and arps are excellent, particularly the constantly moving FX at 4:12.

The arrangement is also quite creative, even though the lo-fi sounds might make indicate otherwise. Even though Platonist never leaves the source too far behind, there's a ton of effective original writing.

No doubt some people will dislike the simple synths and sounds, but hey, haters will be haters. Don't listen to 'em. :)


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Though the intro was a little jarring (perhaps intentionally), once this got moving, I was feeling it. Like Forest of Hysteria, your attention to detail with processing here was excellent. I think you got really creative with some of the percussion here too - very unique sounds. And just when I thought this was a perfectly enjoyable song, I was floored by the chorus at 1:37. After listening to it, I had to go back to the source just to make sure that the melody you had added was actually original, because it fit so perfectly. All I can say is this is a fantastic interpretation. You managed to keep the spirit of the original and add so much to it.


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