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The Wind Waker - Windfall Island


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The music for this island was one of the only parts of the game I actually enjoyed, so I put this together. I switched up the instruments a little, except for ones like the pan flute that I thought were good enough to keep. So far it sticks fairly close to the original, with some rearranging. My only real original part is at the end and it's not much. As I work on it I plan to replace the beginning with an original section and maybe a little in the middle.

Right now I'm just looking for feedback on the instruments and mixing, but any other comments or ideas are welcome too!

I have no title for it yet..

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I really think the atmosphere you set up is plain awesome. However, it could use a little more variation, and the guitar does not harmonize well with the rhythm and melody. It sorta adds a strange ambient effect to the song, but takes away from the beauty of the setup. Overall, it's really cool and a good start! For some reason though, it reminds me of Maple Story.

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I always loved this track in the game and I'm enjoying your mix.

I feel like your harmonica sample is good enough so that I feel like it's a real harmonica, but it doesn't play realistically, so it sounds really awkward.

I really love this tune so I wish you luck in your mixing effort with it.

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I like the drums, and the overall sound is good.

It's way too close to original. It's also not going anywhere, and this is the kind of track I think needs to. What this needs is an end. That's among the hardest things to come up with, and many fail. See if you can come up with a chord progression, a creative spin on the melody, somewhere new to take the listener.

This is promising, but it's not ocr material yet.

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[X] Low-quality samples

[X] Drums have no energy


[X] Not enough changes in sounds (eg. static texture, not dynamic enough)

[X] Too repetitive

PERSONAL COMMENTS (positive feedback, specifics on checklist criticisms, any other thoughts)

Good, but could be better. Biggest complaints:

1. Percussion. The drums (both the primary snare and kick) all sound very weird. Like they almost have a notation to them. Each time I hear them go off, it almost seems like there's a note attached, and it clashes with the music. That may not make any sense, but I swear I can hear something that doesn't meld with the melody.

Snare also has too much reverb, I think. That's not a huge deal though.

2. Samples, for the most part are either okay-to-good. The flute sample is just bad, though, I'd consider changing that somehow. Okay-to-good is acceptable in my book, so it's not a huge deal, but that flute needs some serious work.

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